GIGABYTE M8000 Xtreme Gaming Mouse Review

by AkG     |     April 7, 2010


When it comes to down to tally up the positive and negative attributes of the GM-M8000 Xtreme, one thing has become abundantly clear to us: it is one great product. We really were a little hesitant to review this mouse as we have found very few “sequels” that even came close to their originals. Luckily, the Xtreme is the exception to this informal rule of thumb as it is not only as good as the original but actually surpasses its predecessor. While each version of the GHOST series has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, we tend to prefer the feel, power and ease of use that the M8000X has to offer.

One of the best features of Gigabyte’s new mouse is the fact that it is so customizable. While the software interface may seem a bit daunting at first, its user interface is actually quite intuitive and allows you to quickly and easily set up the M8000X to your liking within no time at all. This, coupled with perfectly placed buttons makes this one of the best mice we have used in a very long time.

On a more personal note, as someone who battles nearly constantly with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ergonomics really are important and the lack thereof has soured many otherwise good mice in the past. So while a mouse can have great features, if it is not comfortable to use for extended periods of time…..I won’t use it. This is the greatest attribute the M8000 Xtreme has due to its well implemented, ergonomic design making it easy to use and thus should be pleasing to a wide range of consumers, regardless of hand size. The only real caveat that we can see is with those users who prefer a true claw style mouse grip as its design is still heavily slanted towards palm grippers. As such, if you prefer a claw grip style you may not be too happy since your finger will tend to slip off the main buttons when your hand begins to sweat. To be honest, we really did wish Gigabyte had gone with a rubberized top cover to alleviate about the only possible negative this mouse may possess.

We could go on and on about the other great features like the awesome software that now accompanies this mouse, the sub 1ms polling, or the good weight customization options. However we feel that this would be just repetition on the same theme: this mouse really is perfect not only for gaming but also a wide range of everyday uses. For this reason we proudly award the Gigabyte GM-M8000Xtreme our highest accolade: the Damn Good award.


- Easy and fast on the fly DPI change
- sub 1ms polling rate
- 6000DPI sensor
- 5 onboard profiles
- 27 colour options for LED (including OFF)
- can store 70 macros onboard
- No software required to USE the mouse
- Powerful Software with amazing macro abilities
- Adjustable weights


- Weights only come in 2 sizes (really need a third, 2 or 3 gram size)
- While it can store 70 macros onboard, you can only USE up to 45 of them at a time
- Needs more and larger low friction feet
- Software maybe overwhelming on first blush


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