Gigabyte Ghost GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse Review

by AkG     |     July 6, 2009

Gigabyte Ghost GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse Review

Manufactures Product Page: GIGABYTE - GM-M8000
TechWiki: Gigabyte Ghost - GM-M8000 Mouse
Availability: Limited
Price: Approx. $50 USD

No matter how new, no matter how expensive, no matter whether is an OEM PC, custom build PC....or even a MAC, your computer is next to useless without an essential peripheral: the good old mouse. Without a good mouse, your shiny new system is nothing more than a fancy object d’art which will sit there collecting dust. It’s funny, but even though they are such crucial pieces of any system, most people overlook their importance and buy whatever mouse is cheapest or closest at hand. There is nothing wrong with being frugal with one’s money and in today’s hard economic times it’s a darn near essential survival trait; however there is a big difference between “cheap” and “inexpensive”. Before we go on though, let us make one thing clear: paying a premium for a good unit isn't throwing money out the window since everyone from gamers to graphic artists can benefit from a properly designed mouse. It all comes down to ergonomics and ease of use.

Today we will be looking at an item which may not be considered inexpensive by many but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg when compared to other enthusiast-grade mice on the maket. To be specific, we will be looking the Gigabyte GM-M8000 “Ghost” laser mouse. While Gigabyte isn't the the first company to come to mind when people talk about peripherals, they are making some headway in this category and the Ghost is a prime example of this.

Being geared towards gamers, this product boasts some pretty impressive features including 1ms polling, 4000DPI laser engine and even onboard memory. While not widely available from retailers or e-tailers yet this will soon change. It’s MSRP is about $50 USD and like we said, the Ghost is not exactly what you would call a low-cost, bargain-basement mouse but it isnt' in the $80 plus category like most manufactures’ mice which boast similar features.

Will this mouse prove to be worth its price tag, or is going to be just another “high priced, low value” item? We intend to find out and see if Gigabyte can have as much success in the peripheral marketplace as they have had in the motherboard business.


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