BenQ BL3200PT 32" Professional Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: November 17, 2014
Product Name: BL3200PT
Part Number: BL3200PT
Warranty: 3 Years
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With the rising stars of 4K, G-SYNC, FreeSync and 120Hz hogging the headlines, professional monitors like BenQ’s new BL3200PT have gone largely unnoticed. However, while gamers have been driving many of the display innovation boundaries around TN panels, image quality focused products have still been making some substantial headway.

Every year the average screen resolution used by consumers grows, while the average price per pixel gets lower and lower. Not that long ago a 1920x1200 monitor was considered large, and the sole domain of professionals who required all that space for work-related tasks. Today it is not that uncommon to see 2560x1440 resolution in the workplace with even higher '4K' 3840 × 2160 resolutions are starting to trickle into certain professional environments. This increase in resolution is certainly a boon for productivity, but in certain situations, that increase in resolution requires an even greater increase in overall screen size or productivity can actually plummet. This smaller dot pitch phenomena has been known for some time now, but with the exception of some very niche monitors it has been largely ignored by manufactures. After all, it is a small subset of people and only minor groups of consumers that are negatively impacted by higher PPI counts.

The most vocal of professionals negatively impacted by decreasing dot pitch are typically CAD/CAM designers. While it may not impact everyone equally, working with rather thin wire diagrams, and assistive button-focused interfaces on ultra high resolutions monitors can take some getting used to. The BenQ’s BL3200PT on the other hand focuses on a large amount of working space (in this case 32”), accurate color reproduction and an extremely aggressive price point but sticks to a 1440P format.

Obviously a resolution of 2560x 1440 spread across a 32” display canvas will remove the BL3200PT from serious consideration for anyone overly concerned about a razor sharp dot pitch ratio. However, we also have to remember this screen is only about 10% larger than a 1600P 30" monitor's specifications and many do not consider using that class of display to be a particular hardship. In a market that’s becoming increasingly dominated with very expensive 4K options, an affordable large size 1440P display may be the perfect solution for budget-focused worplaces.

To help keep the asking price within the realm of reasonable, BenQ has made an interesting design choice. Instead of a PLS or IPS based panel the BenQ BL3200PT uses an Advanced-MVA panel. A-MVA is not all that common but its unique blend of performance and price certainly make it an attractive option. In fact it is the AMVA panel which allows this large monitor to boast great 10-bit color fidelity, a 4ms screen refresh rate, and also an average online asking price of only $799. Mix in an excellent assortment of connection types, a very flexible stand, as well as LED backlighting, and on paper the BenQ BL3200PT may just be able to appeal to a much wider audience than it was originally intended to.


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