BenQ RL2460HT 24" Gaming Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: May 21, 2014
Product Name: RL2460HT
Part Number: RL2460-B
Warranty: 3 Years
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The all new $288 BenQ RL2460HT isnít your average 1080P monitor, not is it meant for the average consumer. Rather than take the usual 'everyman' approach where a monitor's design is meant to appeal to as broad a consumer base as possible the BenQ RL2460HT has been designed with laser-like intensity towards satisfying the needs of budget-focused PC gamers.

Thereís a distinction to make between a typical gamer and someone who needs the absolute best gear money can buy. While BenQ turned to demanding professional gamers when designing their newest purpose-built monitor, its ultimate audience doesnít have thousands to spend on a PC / display upgrade. So the RL2460HT may be classified as a ďgamingĒ class product but it doesnít have an extreme premium attached to it.

BenQ didnít just want to throw a bunch of features at the wall to see what stuck with the RL2460HTís intended market. So what did they create? A low lag, ultra quick panel that may not support some of the more advanced technologies like G-SYNC and 3D Vision but it still offers plenty of features to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

With gamers clearly targeted yet facing a pricing cap, BenQ has actually taken some decisions which may sound odd. In order to allow the RL2460HT to display crystal clear, lag free images at all times they have opted for seemingly unimpressive 60Hz TN panel that only has a resolution of 1920x1080. Thatís right; 120Hz has been kicked to the curb. This alone is sure to exclude anyone who takes color fidelity and refresh rates seriously. However the used a top-shelf TN panel backstopped with enhanced electronics, resulting in an impressive 1ms response time and a virtual elimination of input lag.

Amongst their conversations with professionals like JWong, Fear, Grubby, and Moho, one other crucial detail came to light. While many manufactures simply use their generic On Screen Display and maybe add in one or two special features to make it 'unique' gamers want something more when money and pride are on the line. To this end BenQ have given the RL2460HT physical buttons rather than the sometimes-unresponsive capacitive alternatives and a rather unique OSD that boasts nine predefined modes and three additional slots for custom profiles.

These features in combination with an asking price that is much more palatable than 120-144Hz monitors like ASUS' VG series or PLS based versions of Samsung SyncMaster series are what BenQ are counting on to make the RL2460HT a hit. If they can achieve their goals this may be the next monitor of choice of gamers who either need a portable LAN companion or just want an affordable solution that gives an edge over the competition.


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