Corsair H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: June 6, 2011
Product Name: Corsair H60
Part Number: CWCH60
Warranty: 5 Years
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There is no getting around the fact that we walked away extremely impressed with the Corsair H60. Everything from the installation process, to the stock fan to the oh so critical cooling performance has been improved over past Corsair and CoolIT units. There are no ifs, no buts and no waffling about it: this is the best designed Corsair all in one CPU cooling solution we have come across.

What this shows is that Corsair was walking down the right path by making their strongest competitor their greatest ally. The H60 has ďCoolITĒ engineering prowess stamped all over it along with Corsairís sense of overall refinement.

While performance with the stock fan setup effectively bridged the gap between the H50 and H70, the H60 was able to really come into its own when a high performance aftermarket fan was installed. Once that was done, it effectively showed that its simple, inexpensive design was able to keep pace with some of the best solutions on the market.

The closed loop water cooling market niche caters to users who donít want to go through all the hassle of a custom loop. Yet somehow Corsairís previous models were always featured a less than user friendly installation process. Now we have the H60 which is literally a quantum leap forward in this category since its installation takes less than 10 minutes and doesnít display any of the past generationís headaches

Since Corsair has taken the necessary steps to not only rectify their installation procedure, but have also taken the time to make the H60 a much more efficient design we have absolutely no qualms in awarding it our Dam Good award. We also are going to take the unusual step and say that if you are in the market for a single bay, self contained liquid cooler, this is the one you want. Great performance, easy installation, zero compatibility issues all backed by a great warranty from a company known for their customer service, make the Corsair H60 the hands down best model for first time users and even budget minded enthusiasts.


- Extremely efficient design
- Great installation procedure
- Great performance across a variety of heat loads and fan profiles
- FIVE year warranty


- Still room for further improvement in installation procedure
- While decent, the fan could be improved in the noise department


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