Hiper Anubis Mid-Tower Case Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     October 12, 2007

Hiper Anubis Mid-Tower Case Review

Manufacturer Part #: HTC-1K614-A1
Price: About $220 USD
Availability: No resellers in Canada. Now in the USA
Warranty: 1 Year
Colors Available: Black
Manufacturer Product Page: HIPER--ANUBIS

Hiper is a company we really have not seen much of here in North America (Canada in particular) but they are well on their way to changing the marketplaceís perception of their company. With brand new power supplies and their flagship Anubis case, they are well on their way to blazing a new path into the North American and world market.

In this review we will be looking a little closer at their new Anubis case which seems to be causing some quite significant ripples through the industry. Even though this is Hiperís first case, the buzz it has received was enough for us to hear it all the way here in Canada where Hiperís presence is next to nil. It is not every day that a company with Hiperís long history decides it is time to branch into unfamiliar territory by releasing a new product range. To hear Hiperís reps talking about it, you wouldnít be blamed for thinking the Anubis is the closest thing possible to having a front seat to the Second Coming. They have set up an entire website just for this case with wallpapers, 3D views and tons of other extras which bring their marketing message home. This is without a doubt their flagship product.

When you take a step back from all the pomp and hoopla surrounding this case you begin to see what is really being marketed: a mid-tower case that is as expensive as it is unique. Its list of features reads like a laundry list of exactly what many peopleís dream case would look like but its price is almost heart-stopping. For the cool price of $220USD you get an all-aluminum case (3mm thick no less) with custom welds and the ability to have upwards of 100kg placed on top of it without any ill effects. With the amount of marketing lingo which accompanies this case, you would think it is built like a tank and is exactly what everyone will be asking for come Christmas. Is it really that good? Can anything be that good?

With all of this talk of new products from an internationally-renowned company, I could only rub my greedy little hands in anticipation of its arrival; and arrive it did in a complete state of disrepair.