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matt270avian December 1, 2011 04:22 PM

3 Mars II's
I was wondering something today as my mind often does. In theory, you could have 3 Mars II's in a single build, right? (2 in quad SLI, 1 as a dedicated PhysX). I know this would be complete overkill, but I was wondering if that was possible if someone could do a comparison between 3 or 4 setups. The first being the 3X Mars II's, the second being 3X EVGA GTX 590's in the same setup as the Mars II's, 2X Gigabyte 6990's, and a quad card setup. The motherboard I had in mind for all of this was the Asus P9X79WS. I know this would be very difficult to do (as far as getting 3 Mars II's), but would have interesting results either way.

yycraven December 1, 2011 04:27 PM

ASUS MARS 2 Dual GTX 580 Graphics Card Unboxing Mars 2 Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube
Well for one you can not have 3 MARS II on that board, for one the MARS takes up 3 slots so just two cards would take all the slots. Other thing is your going to spend 4500 bucks on these cards
since just one goes around $1400 or so.
There is only 999 made from what the site said.

NightRain December 2, 2011 08:35 PM

Well if you ran a MARS II as dedicated Physx it would only use one of the GPU's. You'd be much better off not doing it at all, but if you had too just get a standard gtx580.

jibz December 2, 2011 09:55 PM

I think a 580 dedicated to physx would run at 2% GPU usage under the heaviest of physx load, if used at all.

Does anybody actually play any games that use physx? I don't know anybody who does.

matt270avian December 16, 2011 10:18 AM

I was just wondering if it would be possible on any board. I know it is complete overkill, and I will never buy it. However, it would work on an SR-2 because it has 7 x16 slots. I know it wouldn't even put any stress on the 3rd card, I just wanted to know if it could be done.

great_big_abyss December 16, 2011 10:32 AM

so called 'bragging rights'?

If one had LOTS of disposable income, why not. The son of an Saudi Arabian Sheik comes to mind...

kazenagi December 16, 2011 04:02 PM

Physx is pretty much a gimmick.. only a handful of games actually "utilize" it and makes a slight difference and it'll probably be non existent in the future.

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