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DBGP March 12, 2016 01:36 PM

Computer wont connect to the internet after uninstalling Asus suite 2
Today I uninstalled Asus suite 2 on my desktop because its a total pain. Ever since my computer refuses to connect to the internet, through Ethernet cable or wifi. It says for both that the there might be a driver issue with wifi(or Ethernet) adapter. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled both a dozen times now and nothing is getting it to work. Everything else in my house works so its not the ISP or router. I even re installed Asus suite 2 but that didn't fix it either. thanks for the help

ZZLEE March 12, 2016 02:45 PM

What MB
Witch Controller.

Look a settings in BIOS .

Edit : Do you have a addin wireless card or Pci RJ 45 or USB card with a Driver Disk try to get one of those working. Search out drives fore your on board controller.

What OS are we playing with.

clshades March 12, 2016 07:44 PM

uninstall the network cards in device manager and reboot the PC. Windows should take over from there.

KaptCrunch March 13, 2016 07:26 AM

some Motherboard DVD Software suites came with a network firewall utility check add remove programs in contrl panel

Helios79 March 13, 2016 09:41 AM

You didn't mention what kind of ASUS motherboard you're dealing with. If it has a Killer NIC, it can be a pain to fight with. Other than that, I have yet to see AI Suite interfere with Intel or Realtek NIC drivers.

KaptCrunch March 13, 2016 09:46 AM

other maybe bad network cable for animal chewed through it

realtek 8111F go to realtek site get Win8, Win8.1 and Server 2012 Auto Installation Program (SID:1815758)

install manually

DBGP March 13, 2016 01:19 PM

Still no luck here. We're playing with windows 10 64bit. I have a USB wireless drive and it does the exact same thing as the Ethernet. The Ethernet is plugged into the I/O port in the motherboard. The bios says it's enabled. What I'm dealing with here is realtek pcie gbe family controller #2

Why is it labelled as a pcie? When it's in the I/O port?

sweenytodd March 13, 2016 01:44 PM

Can you give us a screenshot of your Device Manager with the Network Adapters?

What is the status of the network adapters?

Is there any computer that is connected thru Ethernet or just your desktop?

KaptCrunch March 13, 2016 04:31 PM

dbgp what motherboard using ? model and it's revision of MB

DBGP March 13, 2016 04:48 PM

The status of the adapter is fine, and yes there are other computers on the network. There always was, nothing has changed.



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