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Old October 31, 2015, 10:52 AM
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Default How to test my video card

Hey there fellow HWCers.

Having a really strange issue with my GTX970 Windforce and I want to try to test it/benchmark/find out if it's dead or dying or if Final Fantasy 14 is just being an ass.

So, the story:

Yesterday I played some FFXIV. Had fun, got my arse kicked. Went to work. Got home, played some Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with a friend, turned off PC, when to bed.

Today: Wake up, have brekkie, play some FFXIV. I notice I'm getting 30fps where I normally get about 70-80. Weird. Reboot PC, still plays at 28-30fps. Even weirder. Okay, clean install graphics driver (yes the latest one). Now my fps jumps up to 60ish, but every 20 or so seconds, it TANKS to about 2 fps for a few seconds, then jumps back up to 58-60 but NEVER goes over 60.

NVIDIA Control panel settings have vsync OFF, and the FFXIV client has frame limits OFF. Switching between borderless window and full screen have no effect on FPS. Switching from DX11 to DX9 has no effect on fps (which it DEFINITELY should).

Under other games:

Witcher 3 - Unplayable. Worked COMPLETELY FINE 3 days ago running at 75fps+
Toxikk - completely fine. 100+fps
MGSV - completely fine (odd stutter here & there, but fine) - 60+fps at all times
Warframe - Fine. Over 100fps at all times
Battlefield 4 - Won't even load into a game - slide show at the loading screen and nothing happens. Audio DOES NOT stop, and the game I can still hear going on in the background.

Ran furmark for 30 minutes and NOTHING crashed.

Note: I've reinstalled drivers a bunch of times, each time clean. Nothing seems to be working and this whole ordeal started win the span of 12 hours of NOT touching my computer :(

Any help would be great... This is frustrating as all hell.
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Old October 31, 2015, 11:05 AM
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Hmm, check task manager for any programs sapping your CPU? Usually random performance degradation is due to some software acting up or even some kind of data mining malware. I'd bet something like that over a bummed GPU... usually if your GPU is dying? It'll be the VRAM and you'll get random BSOD's and not dropped framerates and big hitches.

Next would be to run diagnostics on your storage drives. SeaTools of Windows is great for that, or even better yet if you set it up for booting to it. Dying HDD's especially can cause hitches all over the place.

There is ways to test VRAM... but I haven't seen any as of late that supports more than 1GB cards... well, at least for free that is. PC Doctor has a decent GPU test. I know that one costs about $30 though. It's also used by Dell and HP as their built-in diagnostic software if memory serves me correctly.
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Old October 31, 2015, 12:04 PM
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Check your vid card power connectors and/or swap them with different one(s). Reseat vid card in slot.

And as per above... check task manager to see if either your cpu or your memory is pegged to high usage.
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Old October 31, 2015, 12:23 PM
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So, after:

Using DDU to uninstall drivers, reinstalling the driver after that, removing the gpu, cleaning, switching slot, trying games, rebooting, flawless gameplay, switch games, flawless again. As soon as I alt tab or run a game for more than 10 minutes, that's when performance DIES to half of the normal. Looks like I have a defective card.
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Old October 31, 2015, 01:45 PM
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What are the GPU and CPU temps like? It could be thermal throttling if something is hot.
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Your issue sounds far worse than what happened to me when I upgraded to a GTX 970. Nevertheless, after uninstalling the old AMD drivers via DDU and installing the new card, gpu usage in Tomb Raider would be 99% then days later fall drastically to 70 or 80%; I forget what the exact figure was. Days of troubleshooting led nowhere, occasionally it returned to 99% (all at the same save point, which seemed to eliminate the possibility of bottlenecking). In the end, only reinstalling Windows fixed the problem.
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