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Old September 1, 2010, 02:22 PM
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Default Video card troubles - artifacts and dying?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate some help with my computer woes, please :)

My video card, XFX GeForce FX5200, seems to be causing some issues after only a week or so of use, and I'm not sure what to do. It starts up and displays the Welcome to Windows screen just fine, but a second after my desktop appears, white artifacts appear. On one test, the screen was just black and the monitor light went dim, but most times it displays a full screen of solid artifacts. I did make sure that the video card drivers are up-to-date.

I unplugged stuff and tested various things out, without success. The computer DID load just fine in Safe-Mode, where I turned down the colour settings from 32-bit to 16-bit, not that it helped.

A little background: My 2-year-old computer killed my BFG 9600GT OC, of the same age, just a few weeks ago, just as BFG began their liquidation and denial of RMA's (lucky me!). The 9600 began experiencing a similar issue, but worse (artifacts in BIOS, not loading windows and falling into a cycle of rebooting).

The heat and stuffiness has been pretty bad this summer, especially indoors, and we don't have air-conditioning. Could that have anything to do with this? I've dusted out my case a few times, including a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to make the 9600 work. (Edit: Despite the dusting, I did notice that my idle temps were pretty high according to nVidia system monitor - system/CPU/gfx at 65c, disk at 55c).

If my system is working in Safe Mode, does that mean the XFX still has some hope? Any advice would be great, since I'm getting pretty frustrated and confused.

My system:

Case/PSU: Antek NSK 6580 Black/Silver ATX w/ 430 watt PSU - basic, no add-ons.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz
Mobo: Asus P5K-SE Socket 775 Intel P35 + ICH9
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB + old 250 GB secondary hard drive from HP computer as storage
RAM: Mushkin EM2-6400 2x 2GB
+ Ugly old CRT monitor because I couldn't find my non-dvi plug to use with the XFX :p

Sorry for the rather long post, I just wanted to be detailed and provide as much info as I can. :)

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Old September 2, 2010, 11:08 PM
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My System Specs


Why did you buy such an old pci card for what appears to be a pci-e system? I'm assuming the card you're using is a pci card. If you're going to go uber cheap for an nvidia card, try this.


Have you installed the latest drivers? Try swapping the video card with another one from a family member or friend. Also try swapping your psu.

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Old September 26, 2010, 03:11 PM
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Thanks for the reply. I had some trouble getting a computer to use for a while and then figuring out what went wrong (at least for now).

The FX 5200 wasn't a card that I bought, but an old card I had lying around and used temporarily while I looked for a replacement for my 9600GT OC. I had the latest drivers for the FX 5200 but I guess they somehow got corrupted? After lots of failed attempts, I was finally able to get to a point where I could uninstall the driver and reinstall it, which has now got me to working condition. Not sure what happened, but at least it wasn't a hardware issue (I think). So thank you :)

I've seen some cards in the same price range that you posted, but nothing looks like it would be a suitable/equal to my 9600. I'm kind of surprised that similar cards aren't cheaper (unless I'm looking in the wrong places) considering it's been 2 years since my card was released.

Anyway, for now I'm running at bare minimum and hoping that I don't encounter more random hardware/driver problems.
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