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Old June 4, 2009, 12:23 PM
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Default The Amazing Anti-OC Machine!

Ok, so I realize it's mostly my noobishness, but I wanted to run by everyone here before actually going and poking something the wrong way, and putting myself out of a computer for a couple more weeks.

Some of you may remember the wee lil build log I made, but as a refresher and for those of you who've never seen it or don't care enough to remember, here's the link:


I've been busy lately, and made no progress at all on it, really. Makes me sad.

So! The reason I'm making a thread in the Troubleshooting section!

This machine of mine seems to hate OC's of any description. In this build, I have all the right ingredients for some insane performance. . . I expected it to work flawlessly right off the bat, to be honest.

(EDIT: Specs: EVGA Classified, Corsair 1000W, Corsair 1866GT, 2x EVGA GTX 285 FTW, i7 920.)

XMP Profiles:
I have the Corsair 1866GT RAM, which runs at the usual default speed... When the XMP Profile in the BIOS is applied, my system becomes quite unstable. I've been told that a simple bump to the QPI/VTT voltage will fix that. Annoying. Oh, and for those who actually looked at my build log, this new set of RAM is fine. Just one of the fans on it is bad.

Anyone who knows what they're talking about with this is welcome to help and/or criticize my noobishness. Really, though, I was hoping that the XMP profile would just narfin' work.

Pre-OC'ed Graphical Goodness: Also resident in this build are two EVGA GTX 285 FTW's (1GB), factory overclocked to the land of awesome, in SLI. This is where my real problems begin. If I play a game, it will eventually freeze. Game graphics settings, irrelevant. Heat, irrelevant. Time played, irrelevant. Actions in game, irrelevant. It will just randomly pick a time to up and freeze.

For example, I can be trotting along just fine in Mirror's Edge, and in mid-leap from a building to another platform . . . frozen.

Now, for solid evidence, OCCT has provided me with some spiffy graphs. The test to create these was one of many, but very short. Just trying to get the basic point across.

Name:  2009-06-03-23h09-VCore.png
Views: 212
Size:  24.6 KB

3.3V Line. Runs low all the time. This bugs me. I can't help but think it's one of the reasons for all the problems I have right now.
Name:  2009-06-03-23h09-Volt3.png
Views: 212
Size:  24.6 KB

5V Line. Runs kinda high, still perfectly acceptable.
Name:  2009-06-03-23h09-Volt5.png
Views: 211
Size:  23.9 KB

12V Line. Fluctuates pretty bad, but still stays at good levels.
Name:  2009-06-03-23h09-Volt12.png
Views: 214
Size:  24.1 KB

I say again: I'm a voltage and OC noob. I'm absolutely willing to poke this thing untill it either works or fries, but I definitely wouldn't mind help and guidance before doing something downright stupid. Y'know, those things everyone knows. . . that I (for now) don't.

Now, those graphs were more for the wonderful numbers up top than the voltages. That "19936 Errors" line. That right there is my major problem at the moment. If there's a chance I'm just doing something stupid (again ) please let me know. RMA's have never been nice to me.

(Oh, about my CPU. It just...works that way. I never OC'ed it. I just assume it did that through one of the default settings in the Phoenix BIOS on this mobo.)

I have no idea what's going on.

I'm relatively sure I can fix the RAM problem. I'd like to research a bit more, and definitely get opinions and help here. For now, the blazin' red RAM is set to default 1066, 8-8-8-19.

Graphics cards apparently hate me. I really have no idea what's going on with these, which means I'm either missing something simple or it's time for RMA. (!!)
Oh, just remembered something about the whole SLI setup. They're linked and synced, right? Why would one go into a power-saver mode (toned-down clocks) while the other one stayed on full blast? Could this be a hint to a solution? However, it's not a permanent thing, and I believe it's normal. Both eventually tone down. Just checking.

Oy, well, I'm writing too much. Please help me out if ya can, anything is welcome.

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Old June 4, 2009, 01:51 PM
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Which PSU are you using?

Which mobo are you using?

Have you tested out the cards individually?

Yes, you will have to bump your QPI/VTT voltages to run the XMP profiles on tat memory properly.
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Old June 4, 2009, 02:16 PM
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My System Specs


First thing I thought when reading this was PSU issue...
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Old June 4, 2009, 03:08 PM
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Ah, sorry. Forgive me for the moron moment.

Specs are as follows:

Mobo: EVGA Classified
PSU: Corsair HX1000W

Heh, wow. Really sorry I zoned out on adding that in.

Also, no, I've not yet tested them individually.
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Old June 4, 2009, 09:16 PM
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As much as I hate double-posting. . .

I really must have been in some sort of moron-haze today when I started this thread. Some part of my brain really didn't want to admit that I might have something that would require RMA, and accordingly avoided that idea like the plague.

My brain got into a strange one-track mode and decided it was something to do with voltages or the PSU. After a bit of testing, that could be partly true...on the 285's part. Anyway, as far as I can tell, I have one good 285 to my name right now. Too bad.

I must say, I love the jumpers on the EVGA Classified for slot enable/disable. Even with my sausage fingers, haha.

@SKY, thanks, and sorry for being an idiot today.

Well, guess I'll start the RMA process tomorrow sometime...
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