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Old September 29, 2008, 04:56 PM
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Default Radeon 4870 Video Display Problems

Well I just got my Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition and I'm upgrading from a 7800GTOC. Here is what I did:

*Uninstalled Nvidia Drivers and turned off PC. Installed 4870 with both power plugs.

*Plugged a DVI-HDMI cable on the second DVI slot. Booted PC, resolution was shit, installed drivers. Rebooted.

*Now my PC had a display and could not display colour black properly, it was displayed was purple, I was like WTF and rebooted, all the same. Windows loading screen showed black no problem. My TV's max resolution is 1360x768, I changed to other resolutions via
with Catalist and Vtune, to my surpise SOME displayed colors correctly, but they all looked like shit and stuff was unreadable. I also noticed the HDMI sound capabilities which I never knew of before. Rebooted.

*Plugged DVI-HDMI cable on the first DVI slot. Booted PC and black was properly displayed, HOWEVER, I noticed constant random flickering dots on the
screen, Google suggested power problem. Now my PSU is a Antec Trio 650W with 2 PCI-E power cables so powers should not be an issue.
I loaded up Crysis and put it all on high with 4AA, seemed to run fine but I was not blown away by graphics. After playing a little I exited, very oddly enough the flicker dots dissappeared. Rebooted PC. Dots re-apperaed. Did this with both Turbo Mode and Normal Mode.
Also, since I have a UPS I measured My PC drawing out 230W just from my PC while playing Crysis.

*Plugged DVI-VGA cable in the second DVI slot. Booted PC and black was properly displayed, everything seems fine, But picture has this odd surrealistic gloomy effect, Playing with the colors helped a little but not by much. No flickering dots.

So how can I get proper picture quality through HDMI?

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Old September 30, 2008, 08:42 AM
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My System Specs


Did you use driver cleaner after removing the Nvidea drivers? Theres potentially a driver conflict if you didn't. I just opted for a fresh install when I switched from Nvidea to ATI-bit extreme but didn't want to take any chances.
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Old October 3, 2008, 12:54 PM
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*Plugged DVI-HDMI cable on the first DVI slot and the dots seemed to not apear, this was odd but nice.

*Installed Vista 64Bit on empty hard drive. Installed both Video Drivers and Audio Drivers, again the video was fine on the first DVI-HDMI slot but the HDMI audio was not working.

*Changed to second DVI-HDMI slot and the color was bad again even on a fresh install of vista, with the color black being displayed as purple and the color white looking greenish. The HDMI sound however did work.

*Switched to XP on first DVI-HDMI slot and the dots were visible for about a minute at the start nut then seemed to stop.

Any suggestions or ideas?
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