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DkRk March 28, 2012 06:26 PM

Price Checks - Acer Monitor Trio
I have a trio of 20" monitors that I'd like to sell.

One is an Acer V203H that I picked up at the start of 2011. Used several times at the start, but has since sat on its box.

acer v203h - Price comparison - Canada's Cheapest Prices=

The other two are a pair of Acer X203H's that I bought used.

No dead pixels and each monitor would come with the necessary cables, though just the V203H would have its original box.

Resolution is 1600x900.

The V203H costs just a hair over $100 new, before tax and fees.

Would $75 for the V203H and $40 for each X203H be too rich?

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