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Old November 8, 2018, 07:55 AM
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Default ISS Going To Reboot It's PC After Borkage


now they have redundancy on redundancy, so with three systems doing the same thing, rebooting the main one to fix it's glitches isn't a big deal, but for the fact they haven't done it before.

so should be interesting to see what happens!
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Old November 8, 2018, 10:15 AM
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My System Specs


I remembered years ago when NASA was repairing something in space using the Canada ARM, back them they had one TV channel dedicated to space and it iwas on 24 7 sometimes when I couldn't sleep I would sit up and watch the people way out there doing things live. anyway to tighten on bold it took about 20-30 minutes becasue every single procedure was stating then the NASA on earth would repeat then give it the go ahead. like I remember the person doing the work saying things I am putting the some very fancy name for the tool( which was a crescent wrench that cost some like like 7000.00 American dollars) then NASA would give it a go ahead then the Astronaut would repeat and do so once the wrench was on the bold they would say the ( fancy named crescent wrench) was now on the bolt . and the whole word process would repeat . the the Astronaut would say do I have a go to turn the bold 1/4 turn. there would be a pause then NASA would go through a small debate on the ground as to give the go or not which would take another minute or two they give it a go the Astronaut would then say that they were about to turn the bolt using the fancy naked crescent wrench 1/4 after the astronaut did tis he would tell the ground crew what they did they ask for permission t o turn the bold 1/4 turn using the very expensive crescent wrench. it was kind of frustrating to me to listen and watch that . hehe

I really wonder why they stopped live broad casting when they were out in space there are some conspiracy theorist that say it was because of an unexplained event that was caught that happened none of the Astronauts couldn't fully explain at the time but it more then likely was just something that they were not sure about which does coincide with the timing of the stoppage of live event even now then in space they delay the showing a bit kind of like the way radio station delay talk shows so that they can get a hand on what people are about to say.
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