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Old February 6, 2010, 12:20 AM
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I know i'm somewhat digging up oldish news (last post was only a few days ago though!)

But I'm iffy on this "HTML 5" being the future stuff. So here is what I think of it, correct me if wrong at any part.

I was wondering why people say it's a dieing platform, I mean... sure HTML5 can play back youtube... but after looking around I can't find any way it can play actual flash games or movies in some way. So lemme get this straight (correct me if wrong) but the actual video part of a youtube video is in mp4 format or wmv format (a video format), and the player itself is .flv format (a flash movie file). So HTML5 makes a player using HTML (code) and then puts the same video format content in there.


But if this is true (as far as I know), then what about flash games, flash movies, websites, website apps and upcoming online apps. Try going on a flash community website like newgrounds.com (which is particularly cocky and arrogant) and telling them flash is dieing. Flash is simply HUGE. Go to a local libraries computer lab and I guarantee you will see around twenty 12 year old kids playing flash games. Of course there are also serious uses for flash, entertainment aspects to showcase media such as photos, movies, etc. The list goes on... basically there is a huge audience. How can we replicate a flash built game with something like HTML 5? Flash seems to be the best and most popular application for this.

Then add in Flash movies which also get huge hits, these could be converted to movie formats but then you wouldn't get the same quality (fullscreen a .fla .swf file and you'll see no pixelation - same with illustrator files I think. now take a 320x240 video file and you'll see all the pixelated garbage.)

And with the growing amount of flash used for more interactive websites, not to mention websites entirely built on flash, it's hard not to find a "plugin missing" area on your everyday web surfing.

Not to mention there may very well be applications built off flash to do video editing or photo manipulation or such over the web.

Personally, I took a summer course on 2D animation and flash just to get to know it, and it is used by 90% of developers, and the developers REALLY like flash and using it on the web. So basically, if you're saying that flash is going to "die" just because it drains a bit more battery on portable devices like the iPad (which Adobe will probably improve latter on) then you might as well be saying Photoshop is dieing because the .psd format takes up too much room on your hard drive.

Simply, this is Apple's problem that they can't use it on the iphone/ipad and it drains and lags their computers, and that people can break the iphone OS or whatnot. For once, it's time for them to stop being cocky bastards and fix the problem themselves, because Flash is a damn fine platform that has brought the internet all the awesome flash stuff it takes for granted, and a excellent development program which is the most useful and ingenious out there. People aren't going to just flock away from Flash for those bullshit excuses. Apple has to fix it themselves, or work with Adobe and find a solution.

So no, I DON'T think that flash is dieing.
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Old February 8, 2010, 03:46 PM
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I've been thinking a bit about the iPad, and a friend of mine thinks he's found a use for it. Install it somewhere in your car and use it as a fancy aftermarket stereo head unit/movie store. Think about it, spend $500 for an aftermarket deck, or have a nice pretty iPad with a touch screen for flipping through all your songs in your car, or perhaps for watching a movie while driving. Of course, you're probably having the audio come through a lousy miniplug connector, but maybe Apple did the right thing and included a Toslink connector somewhere. Another use mentioned on slashdot could be for board gaming. If you could say, stick four of them together you could get rid of your Monopoly/scrabble board and have a game night at home with all your other friends who undoubtably love to come over on Friday nights and play Monopoly!
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Old February 8, 2010, 04:19 PM
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What the H.. i just see that we have 2 tread on this
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Old February 8, 2010, 06:17 PM
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My System Specs


I just read that Apple did originally have a camera in the front but they took it out. According to hardware suppliers there was and still is a spot where a camera can be put in. It was the same camera that is in the macbook and iMac line-up. So 720P video and stuff like that. It pisses me off when Apple deliberately takes out features just to sell more with the next version. So the iPad already has a mic so you can do skype or msn chat type of stuff but it was originally going to have a video camera on the front for video calls/webcam stuff. Let me guess they also gimped it by not having multitasking and saving that for the second one as well.

Oh and Apple has said if the iPad does not sell well initially then they will drop the price. I am thinking they are going to drop the price no matter what just like the original iPhone by $100 so don't buy an iPad on launch(not like many of you will :p)

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