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Old October 8, 2009, 08:23 AM
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Default The Truth

It is so funny to read all your posts and see how everyone is either on one side or the other, sometimes somewhere in the middle.
The Truth is...

Here is what WE know.
1. The board that Jen-Hsun held up and proclaimed "This puppy here is Fermi" was indeed a lie. There are now multiple sites reporting this.

2.The demo that was shown to the people that attended was just that. A demo ,nothing more and nothing less. A demo of a working Fermi card ? That nobody knows except for Nvidia .
There is not one person who was there that can say it was indeed a demo of Fermi. Only Jen-Shun said it was, no other sources ( other then Nvidia engineers ) can know fro 100 % what was being displayed on the screen was infact Fermi Card in a system running.

That is ALL we know. Of course you can say all you want about how the Board might be fake but the presentation part of it was Real but that doesn't make it true.
People can say allot of things but the truth is sometimes not the truth unless it is there right in front of your eyes and then you can not deny it.

As for Mock ups and Prototypes , how many times have you seen or herd of a prototype of something ( say like a Future car ) only to find out that in fact the company will not make that so called prototype after all. Sometimes they do but it turns out to be different or sometimes it never makes it to production.
Basically showing a working Copy of something and showing up with in you hand that just resembles other manufactured items is totally different.
For sure Nvidia are working on Fermi but untill it is released so that others can test it and sample it , all the BS that is typed about it everywhere is just that. We will know what Fermi is once it is released and not sooner.
So unless you have a working copy in your hands or are an engineer working with one from Nvidia id say lets wait and see what they finally come out with.
Hopefully it will be something competitive and priced to match.
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Old October 8, 2009, 04:11 PM
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Welcome to the forums Nate.

Originally Posted by Nate0007 View Post
People can say allot of things but the truth is sometimes not the truth unless it is there right in front of your eyes and then you can not deny it.
The truth is not the truth? Well you can't change what is true and truth can not be false so your statement is incorrect.

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Pretty sad, looks bad for Nvidia.
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