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Slaughter November 28, 2008 08:25 PM

Superpi 1m Benchmark Competition
Superpi 1m is a very popular benchmark for testing processor, chipset and memory speed. This is a competition open to all HWC members.


- Please use Superpi Mod v.1.5, here is a link to the download.

- One can be ranked more then once but not in the same cpu category i.e big joe has one score for Intel Core 2 (45nm) and one for Pentium D. If a person posts 2 results in the same cpu category, only the best score will be kept.

- The submitted score must be written as follows:
First line: "Superpi 1m score example 15.853s"
Second line: "Cpu description and clocks i.e Q9550 @ 4ghz or 4000mhz"
Third line: "Memory description"
Fourth line: "Mobo description"
Those are the essential pieces of information but you can add more description as long as it follows the same guidelines as above.

- A valid screenshot is required and must be composed of: Superpi 1m test with the "pi calculation is done" box that appears after the test is completed, cpu-z (cpu tab) and the cpu-z (memory tab).

- Keep the thread as clean as possible. Useless banter can be taken elsewhere. Questions relating to another users overclock or any related items are encouraged as the purpose of this thread is to compare overclocks and results.

- I might add stuff later, but i think we are all mature enough and that the rest is just common sense.

Happy Benching!!

(Kudos to Finch for starting this thread)

Top 15 Overall:

1. G777 - 6.109s
2. 3oh6 - 6.344s
3. Eldonko - 6.422s
4. Supergrover - 7.117s
5. kalvinjones - 7.161s
6. ipaine - 7.191s
7. OneManHitSquad - 7.301s
8. tray - 7.379s
9. nzaneb - 7.594s
10. Ed103194 - 8.000s
10. TomBo - 8.000s
12. LionRed - 8.240s
13. Decky - 8.500s
14. lowfat - 8.547s
15. Avid6eek - 8.674s

Core i7 Ranking:

1. G777 - 6.109s
2. Eldonko - 6.422s
3. Supergrover - 7.117s
4. kalvinjones - 7.161s
5. ipaine - 7.191s

Core i5 Ranking:

1. 3oh6 - 6.344s
2. tray - 7.379s
3. Ed103194 - 8.000s
3. TomBo - 8.000s
5. tragd - 9.050s

Intel Core 2 (45nm) Ranking:

1. 3oh6 - 9.079s
2. hausner - 9.156s
3. enaberif - 9.407s
4. Finch - 9.500s
5. 1Tanker - 10.031s

Intel Core 2 (65nm) Ranking:

1. CanadaRox 11.406s
2. DerrXIII - 12.656s
3. Lemonlime - 12.750s
4. sswilson - 12.766
5. Dr BenD over - 13.407s

Pentium D Ranking:

1. 1Tanker - 25.563s

Phenom II Ranking:

1. MoboHobo - 16.177s
2. LarkStarr - 16.209s
3. Slaughter - 16.380s
4. sswilson - 16.396s
5. Syx005 - 16.676s

Amd 939 Ranking:

1. lemonlime - 25.328s
2. 3oh6 - 25.875s
3. ebdoradz - 28.797s
4. trodas - 37.969
5. lpfan4ever - 42.00s

Pentium 4 Ranking:

1. trodas - 41.297s
2. trodas - 44.078s

This thread was last updated October 4, 2013

Finch November 28, 2008 08:25 PM

Intel e8400 @ 4563mhz
Patriot viper pc8500 @ 507mhz 5-5-5-15
P5E deluxe modded to rampage formula bios
Custom WC with apogee GTZ block


CanadaRox November 29, 2008 10:01 PM

Just thought I'd submit this until I do some real overclocking.

Intel QX9650 @ 4.1GHz
Corsair Dominators PC2-8500 @ 512.5mhz 5-5-5-15
Custom WC with D-Tek Fuzion V2


I'll see what I can get now.

arekieh November 29, 2008 10:06 PM

Reserving my spot, too much stuff going on, have to reboot with no processes and redo the superpi run

1Tanker November 29, 2008 10:46 PM

Can i use my best run(10.031).... from Apr 18/08? :bleh: I hate to have to redo one.:sad: I also have a 10.187 from Oct 5/08. If not, i'll have to pour on the vCore again, and see what i can do. :help:

Edit: Okay...here's my best ever, and i just ran a 10.172 ~ 15 minutes ago... in case you won't accept the older one(which is on HWBot).


-E8400 @ 4644(air-TRUE..lotsa fans :whistle: )
-GA-P35-DS3L(no mods)
-2x1GB Ballistix DDR2 1066 -1032@4-4-4-4 2T
-Seagate 320 SATAII (XP-Pro 32)
-Apr 18/08



-E8400 @ 4590(air-TRUE/120mm TT-95cfm )
-GA-P35-DS3L(no mods)
-2x1GB Ballistix DDR2 1066 -1020@4-4-4-4 2T
-WD800JB-80GB PATA (XP-Pro 32)
-Nov 30/08


Here's a great run (for air) on my Pentium D915. :biggrin:


-PD-915 @ 5068(air-TRUE..lotsa fans :whistle: ) :clap:
-GA-P35-DS3L(no mods)
-2x1GB Ballistix DDR2 1066 -724@3-3-3-6 2T
-Seagate 320 SATAII (XP-Pro 32)
-Apr 12/08


CanadaRox November 30, 2008 12:04 AM

Well I didn't really get anything worth uploading (10.6xx was the best), but I'll throw in 2 sticks of my D9GMH instead of my Corsair 2GB DIMMs. Hopefully once its colder out I can open my window and not worry about heat at all.

Finch November 30, 2008 07:09 AM

hey tanker, how did you manage to run 4-4-4-4 to your memory?

3.0charlie November 30, 2008 09:23 AM

A run I did a few days ago to benchmark the 920.

10.325 secs
i7 920 @ 4011MHz, on Air
3x 1Gb Gskill DDR3-10666, 573MHz (667Mhz stock :blarg:)

I'll play some more tonight. And that 4011MHz is stable 24/7... that's no suicide run.


lemonlime November 30, 2008 10:16 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is what I could do with my Q6600 on air. Didn't tweak the ram much for it.

12.750 seconds
Q6600 @ 4005MHz, on Air @ 1.53V (Noctua NH-U12P)
2x 1Gb Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500
Asus P5K-E

CanadaRox November 30, 2008 10:26 AM

I think it would be more logical to sort the sub-categories by architecture and now cores, since Core 2 Quads and Core 2 Duos have identical core architecture, just one has anther set thrown on which doesn't affect the single-threaded benchmark. Maybe set 65nm to one colour and 45nm to another since the 45nm chips have a fair advantage over the 65nm in SPi.

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