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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
Yeah I've noticed the Saved Games folder as well as the My Games folder but nothing uses it. Whats worse is you really have no control where games save stuff to. You can designate the primary install directory but apart from that your out of luck. I swear the worst I've seen is DragonAge Origins though, it must have at least 3 other folders that are each 10 Gigs in size and for the life of me I cant explain it.

What I'm doing now is leaving that docs folder where it is and just using it for all the crap that auto installs in there and have created a new My Docs folder to be able to easily find and keep track of my stuff.
That's because DA:O puts all the dlc not into the folder where the game is installed but into the save folder, so that's why it's so big, it's got your save game data AND the dlcs downloaded.
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well my folder is like this "Libraries\Documents" which contains allot of files including a My Games folder . but if I were to click on a folder inside that libraries documents folder and go to the properties and look it shows that the actual locations of the Documents folder is E:\Documents becasue I moved all of those files onto my E: drive but created links ( not sure if they are called sim links?) to the library to save space on my SSD
depending on which OS your my games folder could be hidden from view or maybe not created until you actually have a game that saves in that folder , but I am not sure
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