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sswilson May 27, 2014 07:26 PM

Rogers Data Plans Location Agnostic?
Does anybody know for sure if Data plans under Rogers (paygo) care about what part of the country you're in when you use it? I'm going on a trip and I want to pick up a 2Gb plan to tether (via wireless hotspot) my laptop to.

Desiato May 27, 2014 09:00 PM

Rogers subscription data plans are location agnostic within the Rogers network. I'm not positive about how it works with pay as you go plans, but it is almost certainly the same. I've travelled throughout Ontario and Quebec with my subscription plan without issue.

If you're travelling within range of US cell towers, you will want to restrict your device to the Rogers network to avoid accidental roaming. There is no risk of accidentally roaming on another Canadian network.

sswilson May 28, 2014 03:04 AM

Perfect, that's exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks.

Arinoth May 28, 2014 07:35 AM

I am late replying, but for data as long as you are in their network and not roaming, which is outside of their service you can use your data wherever.

Like desiato, I've gone from Fredericton through Quebec and had an Fredericton number in Ontario for a good 4-5 months and was using my data as normal. I should note I am on Bell, but imagine the big three all operate the same when it comes to their data networks.

sswilson May 28, 2014 06:15 PM


Well... that didn't go well at all.... first the system automatically billed my CC for the $50 monthly fee rather than taking it off of the balance (I put $100 every year to keep the balance alive and maybe use $30 worth of minutes all year), then it looks like the system rebilled the same thing 3 or 4 times while CSR was trying to resolve the issue (won't know for sure until the CC bill shows up for next month, but it sure looks to me like I'm going to be seeing $200+ on the CC), finally got that sorted out by the CSR removing auto topup from the account but it's still going to take 4 - 8 weeks to get the CC payments reversed (normally the CSR would just add it to the account balance but I don't need any more money on that... I'm trying to burn it off.....). Finally after all that, it appears that even though the CSR assured me that tethering would work, that it doesn't.... I can connect to the cell phone via wireless hotspot, USB, and Bluetooth, but as soon as I make that connection the internet functionality of the phone stops. Best I can guess is that the system doesn't allow tethering on their paygo phone accounts.

Pretty choked right now so maybe it's a good thing that I'll have to wait until tomorrow to give them a call back in order to get the whole thing cancelled and attempt to get my money back.

I'm not missing anything am I? I was wondering about maybe needing a Samsung driver on the laptop, but the USB connection is recognized as a modem device so I'm thinking that at least that connection should have worked. (There's also the bit about internet connectivity on the phone dropping completely once I select tethering as well...... ).

JD May 28, 2014 06:39 PM

Android Phone? The built-in WiFi Hotspot should work without any issues.

That being said, since it's prepaid, probably not going to work. Their mobile internet plans for phones are different from their Internet "Rocket" sticks. The data addon is different depending on the device and carries a different price too.

I know back when I had Rogers Prepaid, I bought a Nokia Rocket Stick and used the SIM from my phone in it. I was able to use it fine like that, everything worked, but the 1GB of data was far more expensive compared to when I attempted to access data on the phone directly. Doesn't even look like they offer PAYG Internet sticks anymore.

I don't recall ever having to phone to activate data service though. I'd simply try to browse the web and it would redirect to a page where I could authorize the payment. It always took it out of my balance, even with my CC and auto-top enabled. That was a few years ago though, so maybe they've changed things.

WIND used to offer a $40/6 month PAYG stick as well (which I currently have). Top-up $80 total a year, and when I need to use the internet, it's billed by the MB up to $10/day for unlimited usage, which comes out of my balance. I like to keep it on hand as a backup in case my Internet goes down.

Sorry I didn't think of this earlier! Actually I could of sent you the Nokia stick too as I have no use for it any more since I'm not with Rogers. Not sure if it would still work though.

The only thing I can think of is changing your APN. You could try adding the following:
Name: Rogers Tethering
APN: isp.apn
MCC: 302
MNC: 720
APN type: dun

Name: LTE Tethering
APN: ltedata.apn
MCC: 302
MNC: 720
APN type: dun

Name: Rogers
APN: internet.com
Password: wap
MCC: 302
MNC: 720
APN Type: default,supl

sswilson May 28, 2014 06:45 PM

Thanks for the info, I'll have a look into it. I've done a little bit more research and it looks like rogers might not be at fault after all.... seems like there might be a tethering issue with cyanogenMod. ( Tethering Not Working (T-Mobile) - Samsung Galaxy S4 (GSM) Stable/RC/M-Release - CyanogenMod Forum )

edit: I lose internet connectivity as soon as I enable tethering even with mobile data turned off and running off of home wireless connection.

JD May 29, 2014 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by sswilson (Post 767142)
edit: I lose internet connectivity as soon as I enable tethering even with mobile data turned off and running off of home wireless connection.

That's to be expected though... tethering only shares mobile data, it doesn't act as a WiFi repeater AFAIK it consumes the WiFi radio for the "LAN" interface and uses your mobile data as the "WAN" interface.

sswilson May 29, 2014 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by JD (Post 767178)
That's to be expected though... tethering only shares mobile data, it doesn't act as a WiFi repeater AFAIK it consumes the WiFi radio for the "LAN" interface and uses your mobile data as the "WAN" interface.

I installed a tethering app and am now able to tether Wi-Fi internet via USB but mobile data is still a no-go. There are still a couple of suggestions out there but they involve changing the phone's "registry" (not up on phone tech so I don't know the proper term off hand) so that it doesn't snitch to the provider when data is being sent to an outside device.

Not sure I'm going to bother though... it's not that critical to me and I can always check my email on the phone if I really want.

edit: Now that I've got a second look at what you wrote... it's got me second guessing whether or not I tried tethering via the wireless hotspot with mobile data enabled after running the tethering app.... I'll have to give that a second try tonight since there seems to be a difference between USB tethering vice hotspot WRT being seen by the provider.

edit#2: Just a quick note for folks looking into pricing... as far as I can tell, the Rogers' $50 / 2GB is the only reasonably priced paygo data package out there. Everything else looks to be maxed out @ 500MB unless you want to spend more than $100.

sswilson May 29, 2014 07:41 AM

Yet another noob question from somebody who knows absolutely nothing about cell phones, and even less about data over cell phones.... :)

I see an option in the data settings which allows me to enable national roaming.... is that something I'll need to do if I want data to work when I'm in Ottawa? This is separate from a generic "allow data roaming" setting.

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