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Phaddie August 19, 2010 12:42 PM

Weird server and or Itunes issue...
Hey guys!

I was just at my girlfriends parents house and they are having a strange problem. I will list as much about it here as I can and if anyoen has Ideas I can get more info.

They use a media server to store all of their media (mostly music on). They access this through their laptops. How it USED to work was they could purchase whatever music they wanted from their laptops and Itunes would automatically store it on the server to be played. They recently have made 2 changes.

1. They both got new laptops that run windows 7 (the lenovo thinkpad with the second slide out monitor)
2. They upgraded to fibe25 from bell so that changed their router.

So what is happening now is that anything that they purchases recently and stored on the server cannot be accessed, BUT all the old purchases stored on the server can still be accessed no problem. However if they change the itunes settings on the laptops to store new purchases on the laptops themselves they can be accessed.

They were not able to confirm at what point the problem actually started happening.
They have no other network problems that they are aware of.

I am thinking it is an Itunes setting but it is beyond my knowledge. If you guys have any thoughts or have encountered this before please let me know.

Also if you need any more info I can get it.

Thank You in advance


Also if this is the wrong place to post this I apologize.

Prolab August 21, 2010 07:21 AM

It seems like its an itunes problem. What happened to the old laptops? Can they still access the new and old music with them?

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