Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Review

by 3oh6     |     August 20, 2008

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Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME DDR3 Motherboard Review

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Manufacturer Product Page: Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer's Part Number: GA-EP45T-EXTREME
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty (First 2 years parts & labor, 3rd year parts only)

It has been a while but the big G is back at Hardware Canucks and the timing couldn't be more perfect. We have an Intel E8400 here that has been Front Side Bus (FSB) limited by every motherboard it has been tested in and based on other P45 based motherboard results, we may have just bought the right ticket to board the sky high FSB train. The Intel P45 chipset isn't just about overclocking though and Gigabyte has put together an enthusiast level motherboard in the GA-EP45T-Extreme that is sure to impress in everything it does.

Gigabyte has a long standing history in the computer hardware market and have always been known for their motherboard and graphics accelerator cards. Like everything else, however, Gigabyte hasn't hesitated to evolve and expand their lineup to include various other electronic devices. You can now find the Gigabyte name on all kinds of consumer electronics from laptops to complete desktop systems as well as portable hand held devices and even network servers. Despite these additions to the Gigabyte portfolio, they have always stayed true to their roots and continue to produce some of the best consumer level motherboards the computer industry has access to year after year.

On the Gigabyte website, the statistic that 1/10 of personal computers world wide use a Gigabyte motherboard is proudly displayed. It is unsure exactly where the figure comes from but at a home PC level, we wouldn't doubt this to be true for a second. It seems that every technology cycle, when new chipsets are unleashed on the market, the Gigabyte mid-range models clog the signatures of computer enthusiasts the internet wide. These motherboards always offer great performance and features at a price that others just can't match. This is great for a business's bottom line, but what about the ultra high-end DDR3 market? Where does Gigabyte stand when it comes to wowing the crowds and pushing the envelope?

This is the very question we look to answer today with our in-depth review of the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme. We will scower this motherboard with a fine tooth comb looking for faults and weaknesses as well as highlighting its great features and convienences. When speaking of the Intel P45 chipset, there is no end to the possibilities of features and it appears Gigabyte has tried to pack them all together in one impressive package. We will also make sure to satisfy the needs of the overclockers joing us today so be sure to strap in tight as this train is about to leave the station on a high-speed trip across the performance country side.


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