NZXT N7 Z370 Motherboard Review

Author: MAC
Date: February 20, 2018
Product Name: NZXT N7
Warranty: 4 Years
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Packaging & Accessories

Now that we have gone over the NZXT N7 features and specifications in the introduction, it is time to examine the packaging and then crack open the box to take a look at the bundled accessories. Let's check it out:

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Since this NZXT's first motherboard we weren't entirely sure what to expect when it came to packaging. Thankfully, we are happy to report that the company has done a terrific job. Unlike seemingly every other motherboard manufacturer that is obsessed with throwing 'gaming' and 'RGB' in your face, NZXT has taken a minimalist approach that is arguably even more eye catching.

The front of the box is super clean with a clean white background, a picture of the white/black version of the motherboard, the model name, and just the type of chipset and the motherboard's form factor. Given that the N7's aesthetic is a key selling point, this focus on the motherboard itself was a great choice.

The sides of the packaging highlights a few of this motherboard's most prominent features in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. On the back of the box is illustration that shows an exploded view of the motherboard and its unique metal cover, a screenshot of the all-encompassing CAM utility, and an extensive specifications list.

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When you do open the packaging you are greeted with two separate inner boxes. The top half holds the motherboard and the bottom half contains the numerous bundled accessories and documentation. The motherboard itself is protected by both a cardboard cover and tray, but also a full plastic clamshell.

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While the NZXT N7's accessories bundle might seem fairly basic at first glance, there are a few surprises. In the non-surprise category is the user guide, the all-black rear I/O shield, two-way SLI bridge, all-black mounting screws, and the four SATA cables. There is no driver/software DVD included, you must download that from NZXT's website.

As you might expect, inside of the thin rectangular box is where the surprises are hidden. Specifically, NZXT has included two 300mm 5050 RGB LED light strips, two 300mm LED extension cables, and two 500mm LED connection cables. These are all great and arguably necessary additions since the motherboard itself doesn't have any onboard RGB LEDs.

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Having said that all of that... unless you buy an NZXT N7 very soon you are unlikely to get this any of this lighting hardware. Why? Well responding to community feedback that the N7's $300 price tag was too high, NZXT have decided to remove these accessories and subsequently lower the motherboard's price to $250. As a result, only the first run of motherboards that have already shipped out to retailers include the two 300mm 5050 RGB LED light strips, two 300mm LED extension cables, and two 500mm LED connection cables.

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