Phanteks Debuts Eclipse P350X E-ATX Case & New P300 Colour Options

by MAC     |     January 12, 2018

Expanding their popular line of Eclipse series cases, Phanteks have unveiled the new Eclipse P350X case as well as some special edition P300 models with a touch of colour.

Starting off with the Eclipse P350X, this new $70 all-black mid-tower case slots in nicely between the existing P300 and P400 models and ensures that Phanteks have the entire $60 to $80 price range covered.

It many respects the P350X is just a longer and slightly deeper version of the P300. What this extra size has allowed is supported for larger Extended ATX (E-ATX) motherboard and support two 120 or 140mm fans up top. Another similarity with the P300 is that both cases feature a full metal construction and the tempered glass portion of the side panel only exposes the motherboard area while the power supply chamber remains fully hidden.

When it comes to aesthetics, there dual RGB LED light strips integrated into the front fascia of the case as well as one running directly below the glass portion of the side panel. In the front of the case - behind the heavily vented from fascia - is where you can install a 240mm or 280mm radiator and it is also where you will find the hidden hard drive case in the lower compartment.

The front I/O is pretty basic with two USB 3.0 ports, and 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks. There are also two buttons that control colours and effects for both of the lighting zones. While manual control is pretty neat, there is also the option plugging that lighting into the RGB LED header on an ASUS or MSI motherboard and managing the lighting from withini their ASUS AURA/MSI Mystic Light utilities.

The Eclipse P350X will be available later this quarter for $69.99 USD.

Phanteks also showed off some special edition P300 variants that will be available in black, red, and white. What is particularly cool is that interior of those cases will also be fully painted to match the exterior hue. Further good news is that the Eclipse P300 Special Edition cases will retails for the same price as the original, a wallet-friendly $59.99 USD.

Our CES 2018 video coverage of these Phanteks cases can be found below as well.


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