Cooler Master Reveals MasterWatt V & MasterWatt Maker PSU Series

by MAC     |     January 9, 2018

Cooler Master has just announced the MasterWatt V and the MasterWatt Maker with Cooler Master Connect v2.0 power supplies. While not strictly brand new products, both of these models update and expand the existing MasterWatt power supply lineup.

The new MasterWatt V series consists of three fully modular models that will be available in mainstream 550W, 650W, and 750W capacities. The modular PCI-E cables and EPS connectors are manufactured with beefy 16AWG wiring, which is thicker than what you would usually find at this wattage level. Thicker gauges and less resistance leads to lower heat buildup and improved efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, these are 80 Plus Gold certified units that have an increased maximum operating temperature of 50C (122F), which should ensure that systems can operate safely and for an extended period of time even in harsh conditions. While heat resistance is great, in order to help dissipate the heat these PSUs have a large 135mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan.

Proving that Cooler Master has a lot of faith in this model, the MasterWatt V series comes with a 10-year warranty, doubling that of its predecessor series and matching competing models from Corsair and EVGA.

While we have no details with regard to pricing, the MasterWatt V series is expected to be available in Q2 2018.

For those with more demanding power requirements, the MasterWatt Maker with Cooler Master Connect v2.0 should fit the bill. This is Cooler Master's flagship series which will be available in 1200W and 1500W models. With an all-aluminium frame, 80 Plus Titanium efficiency rating, and fully modular cabling the Maker model is quite intriguing. Cooler Master claims that this series features a new "next-generation 3D circuit design" that reduces the number of components within the power supply and thus allows for better airflow and reduced temperatures.

As you may have noticed from the model name - MasterWatt Maker with Cooler Master Connect v2.0 - one of the selling points of this power supply is the updated suite of software control options that allows a user to monitor and manage their power supply. The largest improvement is apparently the Overlay.live overlay that permits real-time system monitoring during live streams, with minimal performance impact and the option of saving and accessing their data in the cloud. Furthermore, Cooler Master have also integrated MasterPlus+ which enables a user to monitor several MasterWatt Maker power supplies simultaneously. This feature might come in hand for miners.

The MasterWatt Maker with Cooler Master Connect v2.0 is expected to be available in Q3 2018.

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