Computex 2017: MSI’s Gaming Desktops & Notebooks Go SLIM!

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     May 30, 2017

While MSI have a lot of things on display at Computex 2017, a few systems really stood out and we just had to cover them.

So let’s start with the smallest system we’ve seen so far…the Vortex G25VR. Yeah, I know we have all had enough of the whole VR branding thing but what counts is this little PC’s specifications and what MSI has been able to cram into it. Using components that were originally miniaturized for the notebook space, it will have a Coffee Lake processor and a dedicated GTX 1070 graphics card which should make it just as powerful as some of today’s better gaming laptops. That’s pretty amazing because it is actually one of the smallest PC’s we’ve ever seen.

The G25VR is only 2.5L….making it half the size of MSI’s Trident 3 which Eber looked at last week! The overall look is pretty sleek and stealthy too with MSI’s trademark black with red highlights. This isn’t the only G-series desktop either since MSI also has the higher end G65VR…you remember that one…..it looks like a Mac Pro.

But how did MSI actually achieve this design without sacrificing on the specs? Well they’ve once again looked towards the small form factor market and thin and light notebooks for inspiration. That means a compressed heatsink layout that still has eight independent heatpipes and two small but quiet fans. Its also important to mention that MSI has incorporated a high end audio codec to insure you get the best possible sound from their small machine.

Next up is the GS63VR . Now I know I mentioned that we’d be focusing in on compact designs in this video and this notebook isn’t exactly Ultrabook sized since it will be available in a 15”form factor. But its chassis is actually ultra thin for the horsepower below the frame. There’s a GTX 1070 and a selection of Intel’s high end mobile processors along with up to 32GB of memory. Despite that the GS63VR is just 17.7mm at its thickest point and has a weight of 1.9kg.

This ultra slim notebook also comes with an RGB keyboard designed by SteelSeries and an advanced ESS SABRE HiFi DAC with 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res Audio. Honestly, this might be one of the best notebooks we’ve seen at the show!

OK that’s pretty basic stuff for today’s notebooks but the real star of this show is the display MSI decided to use. Now the screen…what can I say other than WOW. This is a 120Hz panel with a fast 3 miliseconds response time and there’s also an IPS option that natively supports HDR. Even though there isn’t all that much HDR content right now, it still looks amazing and it will have you covered for the future too.

So that wraps up our quick tour of some new MSI equipment and while they were showing a lot more desktops and notebooks, we just didn’t have time to cover them all. With that being said, you can watch our full video below.


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