OCZ EliteXStream 800W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     May 23, 2008

OCZ EliteXStream 800W Power Supply Review

Product Number: OCZ800EXS
Price: Click Here to Compare Prices
Manufacturer’s Product Page: OCZ EliteXStream Power Supply
Fan Size: 1x 120mm
Warranty: 5 Years
Availability: Now

Is it just me or does it seem like every company out there is literally clamoring to release their own power supplies lately? I know it isn’t just me since the market trends tend to bare this out to a tee. Three years ago the power supply arena was a battleground for the chosen few who dominated the landscape but much has changed in such a short time. Thanks to the hard work of the Preachers of Quality Power, gone are the days when the majority of internet-savvy consumers are completely oblivious about the importance of a proper power supply. Yet, with this blossoming realization in the consumers’ mindset came the opportunity for companies to make a profit by offering brand-name power supplies to the waiting masses.

One of the first companies to realize this budding enthusiasm for power supplies was memory-maker OCZ. At the time, they were not only recognized for their high performance memory but also for their well-received first stab at the power supply market: the PowerStream series. About two years ago, the PowerStream series was busily fading into legend and OCZ realized that it was time for something different. It was April 2006; France was raising its arms in protest over the CPE, the Danube was overflowing its banks causing catastrophic floods in Europe, the US Midwest was struck by the worst tornado season in years…and OCZ released their insanely popular GameXstream series. Upon hitting store shelves is was immediately obvious that OCZ has struck a cord with consumers everywhere and while GameXstreams flew off the shelves, the competition already was plotting. OCZ proved the market was hungry for brand-name, high-wattage power supplies and their competitors released their answering products. Over the next few years they would release a succession of modular units, expand on the GameXstream series and release the lower-priced StealthXstream power supplies as well.

So here we are more than two years after the release of the best-selling GameXStream series and OCZ is ready for an encore presentation with the announcement of their new EliteXStream power supplies. This marks the next evolution of OCZ power supplies with a new OEM and the experience of PC Power & Cooling firmly assimilated into the OCZ ranks. Unlike two years ago, the competition is now fiercer than ever so this new child of OCZ will have to stand out that much more to be considered a viable option for consumers.

Available in 800W and 1000W formats (we will be reviewing the 800W unit today), with prices hovering around $155 and $220 CAD respectively and the piece of mind that comes with OCZ’s incredible 5-year warranty these power supplies look to offer surprising value. Just to give you an idea of how pricing stands; the EliteXstream 800W is priced LESS than the lowest prices we found for the Silverstone Olympia 750W, Thermaltake Toughpower 700W and numerous other 700W to 750W units on the market. If OCZ is looking to bury the competition, they have definitely set the price at the right level. But, can the performance of the EliteXstream live up to the longstanding tradition of quality OCZ products? Let’s find out!!


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