CoolIT PURE CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     May 5, 2008

CoolIT PURE CPU Cooler Review

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It has been a long time coming but finally Water Cooling is ready to step out of the fringes where it has been skulking and take its rightful place as a serious mainstream cooling option. For many years water cooling has been the sole domain of either ultra quiet aficionados or monster world record breaking overclocking aficionados. This is because as any serious overclocker knows, Air may be fine for minor overclocking but once you hit the high voltages you need something which can dump alot more thermal energy a heck of a lot quicker than any air cooling-based system is capable off. As for the quiet part, up until the Scythe S-Flex line of fans (and now the Noctua’s which have surpassed them) low noise and efficient cooling was only possible on low end computers. Compare this with water where you only really need one (two or now even three) fans and a super quiet pump which makes only a peaceful and relaxing swishing sound.

Well that was the past and this is now and just as many other areas of the computer industry have had to change to accommodate the “mainstream” marketplace, so too has water cooling changed over the years. Yes you can still make one kick ass overclocking beast of a system which is quiet as a lamb and yet complex enough to send even 3 dimensional physics grads into spasms; but now even a first time water cooling virgin can buy an all in one “plug and play” system which requires no maintenance and no experience to get better than air results. Of course this is the idea / PR spin which has been placed on the new plug and play water cooling systems that are now being offered by numerous manufactures.

This is where CoolIT enters into the equation with their line of alternative cooling products. For anyone not familiar with the CoolIT name, a bit of background information is in order. CoolIT is probably best known for their innovative TEC cooling solutions which take “water” cooling to a different level by using refrigeration to cool a fluid to well below ambient temperature. This young Canadian-based company has quickly made quite the reputation for themselves in the water cooling community. The very fact that they were not only able to break into but actually stand out in this fast paced and innovative niche market speaks volumes about their engineering prowess and commitment to their customers. After all, in this area word of mouth will quickly make or break you and having a high quality product will only get you so far.

Today we will be looking at the CoolIT PURE CPU Cooling solution which offers first time users the ability to step into the water cooling arena with out getting their feet wet in the process (pardon the pun). The Pure (as we will call it in this review) is advertised as “a universal sealed closed-loop maintenance free system is pre-plumbed and charged for simple bolt-in installation” and is available from many retailer and e-tailers through out the country. That being said, this product caters to the people who don't need extreme cooling solutions and thus makes due without CoolIT's signature TEC element. The biggest advantage which this unit has is not its maintenance-free operation nor its “plug and play” installation (though these are very big positives in and of themselves), it is the simple fact that this universal water cooling system only costs a little over twice that of a high end Air cooling CPU solution. This may sound like a big investment but when compared to more mundane water cooling systems this is not a big investment and can be considered downright cheap…if you look at in the right way.


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