ViewSonic VX2252 22” Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: November 19, 2013
Product Name: VX2252
Part Number: VX2252hm
Warranty: 3 Years
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In a market that’s loaded with well-priced competitors, some may question the relevance of Viewsonic’s VX2252. It is a 22”, 1080P monitor which costs less than $175 but Viewsonic has backstopped it with some serious technology. Granted, with over 25 years of experience ViewSonic knows what it takes to make a great value orientated display: good performance, great looks, a host of extra features and accomplish all of this without breaking budgets. On paper this may sound simple, but getting the proper blend of performance and price takes a deft touch.

With the low-cost marketplace firmly wrapped up, ViewSonic is branching out and have started to offer monitors which cater to slightly different corners of the value-first segment. This has been accomplished with varying degrees of success but the VX2252 does things a bit differently. Unlike most other entry level monitors, it has been designed to cater to the multimedia enthusiast who is on a tight budget. Between the two sizes available right now (the other is a 24” model priced at $190) the 22-inch VX2252 appears to fill this role like a well-tailored tuxedo.

Satisfying the requirements of PC gamers and movie buffs isn’t easy for any so-called “entertainment” monitor but to do so while maintaining a lower price point seems like a lesson in futility. The main challenge has always been producing a visually gorgeous looking monitor with a good selection of inputs that offers razor sharp, blur free clarity without sacrificing other key aspects.

To give these tough to satisfy consumers exactly what they want ViewSonic has thought outside the box. Instead of cutting costs on the performance side of things have instead simply opted for a smaller panel while optimizing performance. By going for a 22-inch model not only does the TN panel itself cost less to manufacture, it requires a smaller chassis and needs less backlighting to properly illuminate it. This in turn helps keep manufactures costs down – without reducing quality - and allows ViewSonic to pass these savings onto the consumer.

While small, this 21.5” TN panel does promise to deliver stunning performance. It is rated for a 2ms response rate that is backstopped by ViewSonic’s ClearMotiv 2 technology. ViewSonic may have shrunk the screen size, but the VX2252 is still a 1920x1080, 60Hz monitor and as such has much better pixel density than the typical 23 or 24 inch 1080P monitors. Add in two 2 watt speakers, multiple pre-configured monitor settings in the OSD and an LED backlight and the VX2252 sounds like a very good option. However with its actual price floating within the $150 realm and a feature set that trumps more expensive alternatives, we can’t help but wonder if this may be the monitor which finally gets the bang for buck equation right.


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