Corsair Obsidian 750D Review

Author: Dmitry
Date: September 24, 2013
Product Name: Obsidian 750D
Part Number: CC-9011035-WW
Warranty: 3 Years
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Corsairís Obsidian series has been known for continually raising the bar when it comes to what users expect from enthusiast cases. Not only are they well designed but these enclosures typically feature some of the best build quality around. Now, the new 750D is being added to the lineup and it provides an interesting counterpoint to both the Obsidian 650D and 800D.

The 750Dís positioning is quite unique and a critical part of Corsairís competitive equation. As a $160 full tower case, it is meant to reside slightly below the $300 800D but above mid-towers like the 550D. Ironically its introduction may cause some to shy away from the Obsidian 650D which currently sits at $199 but has some additional features like a hot-sway bay. At its heart, the 750D represents a gateway into the Obsidian full tower segment without having to pay 800D money.

The 750Dís exterior is typical Obsidian series with understated good looks, a generous side window and great build quality. Corsair has once again decided to avoid the use of plastic, instead choosing a combination of steel and brushed aluminum with only a few plastic elements. As a result, the 750D has most of its immediate competition beat in this respect.

Front panel connectors are particularly well placed, unlike some other full-tower cases that, for some reason, locate their forward I/O connectors at the top which is pretty inconvenient considering their height. The layout actually looks pretty good and runs well with the slightly inset bezel that runs around the frontís perimeter. In many ways, the 750D is a scaled down version of the 900D.

With all of that being said, the 750D is your standard full tower size and doesnít reach the ridiculous proportions of Corsairís 800D and 900D, let alone cases like the Phanteks Enthoo Primo. However there are some interesting features here like full magnetic dust filters and a touch-to-open access area for the two front fans.

From an interior perspective, get ready for a wealth of space for nearly any hardware setup. Not only does the 750D come with a trio of pre-installed 140mm fans but thereís ample room for water cooling with multiple dual and triple radiator hard points. The hard drive layout is particularly interesting since two bottom-mounted cages are used (they can also be stacked), leaving the intake fans free to pull air into the case.

As with all cases in this category, Corsair has also included multiple SSD brackets behind the motherboard tray and ample cable routing options with a large number of grommets. For more information and our full review, check out the video above.

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