NZXT Phantom 630 Review

Author: Dimitry
Date: March 4, 2013
Product Name: Phantom 630
Part Number: CA-PH630-M1
Warranty: 1 Year
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NZXTís Phantom series uses one of the most polarizing case designs on the market but that hasnít stopped enthusiasts from flocking towards its ample space and wide ranging features. This yearís release of the Phantom 820 pushed things to the next level by introducing a true flagship chassis into NZXTís lineup while making the exterior design bit more neutral. Now, the Phantom 630 is looking to move the goal posts yet again by making this iconic design a bit more accessible to budget-conscious gamers.

Love it or hate it, the Phantom has been one of the defining enclosures of the last few years and the 630 essentially shrinks things down to fit into a smaller space and more confined budgets. It does so by the extensive use of plastic, being laid out with a slightly smaller footprint, removing the fancy LED lighting of its predecessors and a few other cutbacks along the way. Meanwhile, NZXT has maintained the Phantom 820ís DNA without this caseís price past the $180 mark.

From the outside, thereís actually very little to distinguish the 630 from higher end enclosures within the Phantom lineup. It still uses the same distinctive angular looks but theyíve been toned down since previous versions. The topmost portion houses the I/O connectors as well as an integrated fan controller.

The Phantom 630ís front door hides the drive bays and a well hidden integrated SD card reader. Thereís also a trio of large 200mm fans and plenty of removable dust filters.

As with all NZXT cases of late, graceful lines hide a highly capable interior layout which is spacious spacious and well thought out, with more than enough room for enthusiasts. The wiring cut outs are the stars of this show since they are fabricated out of supple rubber and do an excellent job of holding cables in place. NZXT has even upgraded the toolless mounting brackets, the hard drive cages and water cooling options are top notch. All in all, this could just be the perfect mid tower case.

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