ASUS VG278HE 27” 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: October 25, 2012
Product Name: VG278HE Monitor
Part Number: VG278HE
Warranty: 3 Years
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With its buttery smooth, ultra fast response rate ASUS’ original VG278H was built from the ground up to provide the best 3D gaming experience possible. However, while the VG278H is indeed a great turn key solution for consumers interested in 3D gaming through NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology, it isn’t a great general purpose monitor. For numerous reasons, not everyone likes 3D and even gamers don’t necessarily consider this technology important enough to overlook some of the rather glaring shortcomings it possesses. Unfortunately, every 3D Vision certified monitor has –up to this point at least- boasted relatively low resolution and a fairly narrow color gamut due to the use of TN panels. This and an asking price higher than some 27” IPS-equipped monitors tended to limit the VG278H’s appeal.

It may have taken nearly a year, but ASUS have taken steps to correct these perceived shortcomings. Instead of upgrading the original VG278H, ASUS has instead opted to add a second VG278 model: the VG278HE. Much like with Dell’s U2713 and U2711 monitors, the 27”, 1080P VG27HE is not a direct replacement for the VG278H. Rather, it is meant to coexist alongside its older sibling, with each monitor focusing in on a slightly different consumer niche. The original VG278H is geared towards satisfying the needs of the highly discerning 3D PC gaming enthusiast and comes equipped with an NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 kit. Meanwhile the new VG278HE model has been designed to meet the needs of the 2D PC gaming enthusiast. To do this ASUS has improved upon the VG278’s 2D PC gaming abilities by giving this new version an impressive 144Hz refresh rate.

Further helping to distinguish the two models is the asking price of the new VG278HE. Instead of having an online average cost higher than some 2560x1440 IPS based 27” monitors, the VG278HE goes for $500, or about 20% less than the VG278H. However, the enhanced refresh rate and value does come at a price: the removal of the integrated 3D emitter and the omission of 3D Vision shutter glasses. This new monitor is still technically 3D capable, a stand-alone kit needs to be utilized in order to for gamers to use its stereoscopic capabilities. Hopefully this unique blend of attributes will allow the VG278HE to appeal to a wider audience and keep it from being as narrowly focused as the original VG278H.


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