GTX 660 Ti Roundup (ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, Galaxy, MSI)

Author: SKYMTL
Date: August 30, 2012
Product Name: GTX 660 Ti 2GB
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Product Number: 02G-P4-3662-KR
Warranty: 3 Years (upgrades available)

Unlike the EVGA cards of yore, most new GeForce products in their current lineup come with a limited 3-year warranty and without access to the Step-Up program. However, EVGA does offer clients the possibility of extending their warranty to up to 10 years and with any warranty upgrade purchase, you will immediately get access to the Step-Up program. EVGA also has an Advanced RMA service that can be purchased at the time of registration which allows for cross-shipping of a new card in the case of any failures. However, remember that the warranty now covers the product rather than the buyer so you can resell the card without the buyer worrying about a voided warranty.

The GTX 660 Ti SC is based off of NVIDIA’s reference design so it carries a blower-style heatsink / fan setup and full coverage shroud. As such, it is about 9 ˝” long but otherwise, not really unique in any way other than the few EVGA markings and a good looking silver / black design.

Unlike some other cards in this roundup, EVGA has decided to stick with the standard power connector layout as they believe it is more than sufficient to handle everything from overclocking to voltage tuning. Considering these two connectors can provide up to 150W (225W when combined with the PCI-E slot), we have no worries about there being a lack of current to the GTX 660 Ti SC.

As we can see, even though EVGA went with a mostly reference design for their card with an analog 4+2 phase PWM and standard PCB, the internal heatsink design has been modified and expanded in order to ensure adequate cooling when overclocking. Remember, even the GTX 670 incorporated a slightly flimsy cooling assembly so it is good to see that EVGA went a slightly different route for their SC card.

Much like its predecessors, the GTX 660 Ti uses a standard Kepler backplate configuration though EVGA has chosen to modify it somewhat with larger exhaust openings for increased airflow. A pair of DVI connectors and single full sized outputs for DisplayPort and HDMI are included, making it compatible with 3+1 NVIDIA Surround setups.

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