CoolJag Falcon 92-CU CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     February 19, 2008

CoolJag Falcon 92-CU CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: CoolJag :: Skiving technology :: THERMAL SOLUTIONS
Product Number: JYC8A02C
Availability: Not yet available in Canada
Price: Approx. $45
Warranty Length: 1 year

Gone are the days where having a big solid chunk of metal topped by a loud little fan can be considered “enough” let alone “good enough” for CPU cooling. It is a fact of modern computers that the more cores you squeeze into a little package the more heat they are going to produce. Yes, modern day CPU’s are amazingly efficient compared to those from the days of yore, but their thermal loads are such that old fashioned heatsinks just can’t cut it anymore. Where most people see this as a problem a certain few see opportunities and these individuals we either call trail blazers or flops depending on whether their unique and creative solutions work or not.

Today we will be looking at one such creative attempt to not only handle the heat but look good while doing it. The Falcon 92-cu is designed and marketed by CoolJag as “The Best Air Cooler in the Market” with “easy installation” (these quotes are taken directly from Cooljag's site). These are pretty lofty claims considering up until this review I had never even heard of a “Cool Jag”…except for the Jaguar XJ6 that is. Yet, this company is trying to blaze a new trail in the cooling industry and some of their designs have been picked up by companies such as Nexus with their XiR 2500 and 3500 coolers.

CoolJag is certainly a newcomer to the CPU cooling arena and as one of the new kids on the block they are looking to make a name for themselves ASAP. To this end their management motto’s are literally “Can Do”, “High Quality” & “Low Cost”. With these ideals in mind they have designed a very interesting cooler. The name Falcon 92-cu, while as colorful as the cooler, is also very descriptive; the “92” in the name is because the cooler comes with a 92mm fan and the “-CU” is because it is made from copper. There is also a Falcon 92-AL which is as the name suggests is made for made from Aluminum. While it is not exactly imaginative, it is refreshing to not need a flow chart to figure out the meaning of its name, and with a quick glance you can easily tell which CoolJag product will meet your needs. Hopefully, the name “Falcon” is not also descriptive and it won’t be a noisy, screeching fan; rather it will mean that this is one cooler that “soars” above the rest. Marketing hyperbole aside, we will find out whether this cooler has what it takes to compete with the big boys like it claims it does.


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