Intel Core i7 / LGA1366 CPU Cooler Roundup

by AkG     |     October 20, 2009

Meet The Coolers; Priced to Move


Cogage TRUE Spirit

Manufacturer Page: COGAGE.com
TechWiki Info: Cogage True Spirit CPU Cooler - TechWiki
Price: approximately $39

As we stated in the introduction, Cogage may not be a name you are familiar with but anyone reading this should recognize the name Thermalright. In the most basic of terms we can liken the relationship between Thermaright and Cogage to that of Audi and Volkswagen in the automotive industry. Basically, Thermalright created the “Cogage” brand with the most likely intended purpose of bringing more value orientated coolers to market and taking a slice of that pie WITHOUT devaluing Thermalright’s main product brands or IP. That is not to say that Cogage coolers are any lower quality than their brethren; they just don’t have the exclusivity that comes with Thermalright branding and will be focusing on mass market appeal rather than delivering extreme performance at break-neck prices

The name “Cogage” stands for COmputer and GAming GEar and as the name hints at, Thermalright seems to have big plans for this brand. Will this work when Cogage comes out and names their first cooler the TRUE Spirit? We don’t know as this does make it very clear where Cogage’s expertise comes from and maybe, just maybe, they would have been better off calling this the “Spirit” and leaving it at that. On the flip side of the coin, if this heatsink does stay the course and embody the spirit of the Thermalright Ultra Extreme that it is named after, we may be witnessing the Second Coming in the high performance, low cost market segment.

The TRUE Spirit is available in limited quantities from a few e-tailers and retailers throughout the country and goes for about $39. This is certainly less than what an honest-to-goodness TRUE goes for and it will be interesting to see how much bang you get for this fairly modest buck. Of course it is going to have a tough time of it as the budget cooling sector is dominated by HDT coolers and we already know that the Cooler Master 212+ is going to give this Cogage product some awfully stiff competition.

Kingwin XT-1264 CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Page: Kingwin.com
Part Number: XT-1264
TechWiki Info: Kingwin XT-1264 - TechWiki
Price: Click Here to Check Prices

Kingwin is a newcomer to HWC but that doesn’t mean they are new kids on the block. Kingwin was founded in 1992 and as since then produced some very good kit under not only its own name but as an OEM for some of the big boys. To us what sums Kingwin and their philosophy best is this quote taken from their about us page of their website: “Kingwin is dedicated to producing innovative products and provide unparalleled customer service. As we look to the future, we will continue to innovate, advance and stand behind our products 100%”.

This isn’t a company one would normally look to for a CPU cooler but they have been making some huge inroads in this field as well as others as of late. Their new XT-1264 is just one of a series of Heatpipe Touch Chip (HTC) products they have available but it represents the pinnacle of their current lineup. While Kingwin may call this technology “HTC” it is probably better known by its Xigmatek moniker: HDT or Heat-pipe Direct Touch. Basically, over the last year or so, we have seen a number of HDT coolers go through our labs and let’s just say that Kingwin’s XT-1264 has a lot to live up to in our eyes.

The XT-1264 is widely available from e-tailers and retailers throughout the country and goes for about $37. Needless to say this killer price combined with its 6mm, four heatpipe base buys you a lot of cooling power. Let’s just hope that it can compete with the many other coolers we have seen in this price segment.

Spire TherMax 2

Manufacturer Page: SP679S1-PCI-TherMax II™
Part Number: SP679S1-PCI
TechWiki Info: Spire TherMax II - TechWiki
Price: Approximately $40 US

Spire may not be a well known company but they are a multinational corporation that has offices around the globe. They are also a well respected ODM / OEM which has been supplying numerous companies for the past decade and more. To best sum them up this quote from their website does it best: “Our objective is to provide top quality products for national distributors as well as for ODM and OEM clients. Our focus is to build on the current success of the Spire brand so that our brand is recognized world wide as a provider of top quality computing solutions. We will continue to work to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and share the knowledge of our experts: Spire - Powered by Innovation.

The Spire TherMax 2 we will be looking at today is the big brother of the TherMax Pro and as such is one of Spire’s high end coolers….with a price tag to match. At around $40USD it may have the highest tag of Spire’s current lineup but when compared to some of the other coolers in this roundup, it is actually inexpensive. Since this is the first Spire product we are testing, we have a ton of questions regarding built quality and components before we even get to the testing itself. What will be most interesting to see is whether the included 2200rpm fan on the TherMax 2 will sacrifice too much in the acoustics department in order to deliver the performance enthusiasts crave.

The Spire TherMax 2 is not readily available in Canada but you can find it online in some US stores where it goes for about $40 US.

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