A Summer Road Trip With the Intel Core i7 975 EE

by 3oh6     |     June 9, 2009

The sun is hot, the birds are chirping, the kids are out of school driving parents crazy, and the family mini-van has the roof-top storage attachment installed and ready to be used as a time-out prison for the mouthy little brat of the family. That can mean one thing and one thing only; it is summer vacation road trip time. Fortunately we here at Hardware Canucks have a road trip planned too. It won't involve the cramped back seat of a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle with you stuck between your mother and sister during frighteningly fast single lane highway passing action in the midst of a thunderstorm because your father doesn't think sheeting rain in the middle of the night with only one headlight is a reason to waste $40 on a stop at the nearest roach motel. On this road trip, there will be no blown tires with your mother and aunt in the middle of nowhere - also known as Ituna Saskatchewan - while your father and uncle speed off ahead in the lead vehicle thinking you just stopped for snacks.

No, this road trip isn't anything like those nightmare family vacations you remember as a youth that makes the Griswold's adventures look like a children's bedtime story. You know, the road trip out to Banff Alberta, the beautiful Canadian Rockies. You thinking that chocolate milk and a big bag of corn chips was a fantastic idea for breakfast. Later, your mother saying "I told you so" as you hang your head out the window of a 1989 Aries K-Car littering the highway with a chunky brown blanket at a 100KMh with your father yelling not to get any on the car and that pulling over wouldn't teach you a lesson. This road trip will include none of those fond childhood memories we all cherish so much.

Instead, this Hardware Canucks Summer of 2009 Road Trip involves nothing more than a single Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition processor with stops at Air Cooling Canyon, Phase Change City, and Liquid Nitrogen National Park. This overclocking road map of cool, cold, and colder will explore all that is available on the great landscape of this wonderful land, known as Overclocking Inlet. We won't bother ourselves with the boring road side attractions such as comparisons to the previous generation of processors, or getting too deep into the infrastructure of the new Core i7 D0 stepping processors. Instead, we will maintain a cannonball run pace on this cross country trip focusing solely on the overclocking ability of the Core i7 975 processor. So buckle your seatbelts, throw the GPS out the window, and get your walkman with big orange fuzzy headphones ready because we are ready to roll...and there will be no bathroom breaks along the way so don't throw out your empty pop bottles.


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