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Originally Posted by Boldeagle View Post
Frankly it wont matter which flavour you choose (nVidia/ATI) after sales service will be dictated by the "manufacturer" and there are significant differences in the after sales service for almost identical products. I explored this issue when making my Video Card decision:


Damn there is one company/brand in particular that offers a "Limited Lifetime Warranty", just can't remember which and you can find it quite easily on their website but I couldn't get them in Australia.

Imho a single 4870 or GTX260 will give you more performance than you will need and possibly use, unless your going to upgrade to a larger monitor.

I'm allowed to get a BIOSTAR to once I get a job again , damn missus we have a nice chunk of money in the bank but she won't let me till I start working again.
BFG offers lifetime warranties.
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