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SKYMTL August 9, 2017 09:11 PM

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X & 1950X Review Comment Thread
AMD's HEDT platform has finally arrived with the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X and 1950X. They're designed to go head to head against Intel's i9-7900X but can their performance match up?

Read & watch more here: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...0x-review.html

Lpfan4ever August 9, 2017 09:15 PM


Don't ban me :ph34r:

SKYMTL August 9, 2017 09:48 PM


sswilson August 10, 2017 04:47 AM

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10e August 10, 2017 05:32 AM

AMD's Banhammer based FX processors

Bao August 10, 2017 05:42 AM

Getting ready for pre-fappage.

SKYMTL August 10, 2017 06:00 AM

Go go go

FreeKnight August 10, 2017 06:19 AM

Fina-*******-ly. It's been way too long since AMD put real pressure on intel and there's a lot about Ryzen and Threadripper that have some serious appeals to the enthusiast end of things. The 1920x in particular seems like a really good buy, particularly since you get an decent spread of PCIe lanes. Intel's been awful with that for a while, and to me the X99 line up was the best example of 'Oh you want lanes, well pay the highest premium'.

Might end up doing a TR build after my company's year end in Sept. We'll see how prices are looking in the fall. My 4790k's doing fine, but I'd really like to harvest it for a steambox in the living room, and look at doing another build for the main PC.

Solid review as usual Sky.

Edit: So it looks like with Ryzen / TR AMD's IPC count for the chips is now about the same as intel's which means they should be really good chips for running high-end emulators like Dolphin/PCSX2 possibly even RPCS3 (Gamecube/Wii, PS2 and PS3 respectively)!

Bartacus August 10, 2017 06:36 AM

Great review Sky!

Exist2Resist August 10, 2017 06:47 AM

Single performance still sucks. Def not meant for gaming.
Only good if you're looking for a home server but at that price you are better off buying an actual server processor and mobo, it would cost less.

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