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CrazyCanukk September 4, 2014 05:15 AM

Msi X99S Gaming 9 AC motherboard
I'm kind of excited for this board. It hits 2 marks i was looking for with Haswell-E in the same strike. I can socket My 6 core chip i was hoping for and because i enjoy Streaming to Twitch it has the built in Stream engine that apparently takes over the encoding of the stream. Currently i am using a 2 pc set-up( 1 for gaming and 1 for stream encoding)..I have been debating a single Pc solution and this board seems to have it.

My issue is trying to read through the lines of their marketing speak .. They are saying you can Stream at 1080p @ 60mbps quality all over the place. Problem i am having..is you can't stream at 60mbps..you can record at that for very good quality but Live streaming is more relevant on how well the chip compresses and encodes your video and your upload Bitrate vs resolution. A 720p stream at 60 fps using a 3400 kb/s bitrate looks very good to the viewer..where as a 1080p @ 30 fps 3400 kb/s bitrate looks ok but unless your chip can encode quickly enough you can get some nasty pixelation in high motion games like a shooter.

anyone have any thoughts on this Motherboard and or the Streaming engine and Avermedia chip they are using? I'm just trying to wrap my skull around what this 1080@60mbps quality live streaming they are bleating on about. MSI releases the X99S GAMING 9 AC motherboard - Mainboard - News - HEXUS.net

ZzzSleep September 6, 2014 10:17 AM

Supposedly Avermedia's existing LiveStream gets much higher bitrates than that. I've seen as high as 10,000 kbps, which is good enough.

They advertise 60,000 kbps on their current solutions.
Live Gamer HD | AVerMedia

You might want to ask MSI about the maximum bit rate. There's an MSI rep if you are on the OCN forums.

Also, from my experiences, there's still a frame rate drop. At 2560x1440, I'd estimate that even with their solution, I lost around 10-15% of my frames when capturing, although without it, the frame rate drop was even bigger.

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