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My System Specs



Not a bad promo if someone with a bunch of cash laying around is rather attached to AMD.
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My System Specs


huge price reduction wow.
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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
From my experiences with the 4770K, it's been underwhelming in my non-pragmatic enthusiast eyes. The i7 2600K and 2700K and 3770K were far better enthusiast silicon especially when overclocked.

My de-lidded 3770K on a Maximus V Gene at 4.8 Ghz and 1.27 volts uses 155 watts at full load. My (de-lidded) 4770K at 4.4 Ghz at 1.376 volts used 230 on a Tuf Gryphon Z87,

Even my "good" 4770K is using 195 watts at full load at 4.4 Ghz at 1.2 V. I realize my 3770K is probably an upper-echelon chip as it can do this at temps below 70 celsius at good, relatively low volts, but what I didn't mention is that it takes a good, very clean double coollaboratories liquid ultra mount to get 4.4Ghz at 1.376 volts while keeping the 4770K under 95 celsius. This was tested on Prime95 v2.79 at highest load.

So the FX-9590 using 248 watts is not that big a deal. Why? Because in this review it's on a board with a discrete GTX 670 while my tests were done withOUT GPU.

What this is, is a halo product that is basically pre-overclocked, and guaranteed to provide this level of performance under a warranteed, out-of-box experience. The FX-9370 is the "mass market" version, and it is definitely the chip I'd be interested in.

So if anyone feels like they've been kicked in their full bag of almonds, it's probably me. And no, I don't hate Intel because it was my choice to buy this thing and I realize OC is no guarantee.

My only dis-like is that I think they sent better silicon to reviewers than they did to consumers.
I own both a 4770k and a 9590 and to be fair, the 4770k uses the same voltage to reach 4800 as the 9590, creates less heat than the 9590 (certainly far less than you quoted although h100i vs a custom loop will do that I suppose) but cost quite a bit less and performance isn't even close at that point. We won't even touch on the Devils canyon chip. (has e is a bit unfair of a comparison since it's essentially a generation newer).

I imagine with a custom loop on my 9590 I could probably get over 5.2 with reasonable temps, but even then it would lose to my Intel rig. Of course this isn't the point not a revalation.

I did build my backup pc 9590+3xr290x due to all the issues my main rig 4790+4xtitan was giving me in specific areas. The amd rig certainly came out on top in that regard. Stability wise with the xfire/eyefinity vs sli/surround. Course that's a Nvidia problem (of who has fallen off so badly software wise it's sad they continue to charge such a premium).

Anyways, at the risk of getting further off topic... Without a custom loop I venture that nobody is getting 5ghz prime stable on a fx9590. Not without enabling turbo/disabling codes or dealing wth throttling at best. I was disappointed considering they advertise it as being 5ghz you would think it has enough headroom to easily hit 5gz stable on all cores. Not the case.

Even at the new price point I couldn't recommend It to anyone, ever.
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