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Default Another rma experience thread

Alright, I just wanted to make a post of personal experience with RMA's from different manufacturers. Again this is just my experience and my experience only.


ASUS -> RMA'd an X38 maximus formula. No updates for 2 weeks. I call them up and ask them nicely when the board will be repaired/replaced and that it has been 2 business weeks. The reply that I get was: "It takes a minimum of 11-15 business days to "try" to repair your board, if we are unsuccessful we will replace your board.
So I ask is that with shipping back to me? It is only for the board repair. Now count another 5-10 business days for the shipping! ASUS -> NEVER AGAIN RMA! I'd rather sell it as is.
I give ASUS 2 stars out of 5

BFG -> RMA'd 650W PSU (Their warehouse is located 15 minutes drive from me. The RMA status shows that the package has been received, yet no more updates. 10 Days pass by and the status changes to "Shipped". Alright no problem there but the UPS tracking number is "DELIVEREDFL". WTF is that? 1,2,3 days pass by no changes on that tracking number. So I call up BFG And start b!tching at them, the guy says he will contact the warehouse and figure out what the problem is. 2 hours later I receive a phone call with a question: " Andre? This is BFG Warehouse... Are you available right now? What size of the t-shirt you would like? We will deliver the PSU right now. Thank you."
Final Thoughts on BFG - I guess you need to yell to make them do anything? Yet they delivered the new PSU to my door steps.
I give BFG 4 stars out of 5

EVGA -> Nothing to say! Great, awesome, amazing and FASTEST RMA SERVICE TO DATE! Great guys to talk, great update web service. You can always call them and ask them what is going on. I had an issue with the pins on my 780i and that is the ONLY thing that is not covered by their RMA service. To cover that up the repair fee is $60. I had no problem, I paid 60$ and they gave me a NEW board!!! FEDEX 2 DAY SHIPPING!!!
I give EVGA 5 stars out of 5!

XFX -> SLOWEST TO DATE RMA SERVICE! In order to get any service you need to:
1. Register on the website xfxforce.com
2. Register your product.
3. Open a support ticket.
4. Call them up @ contact us page.
5. Wait a minimum 15-30 minutes.
6. Give them the ticket number you just created other wise they will not serve you.
7. Only then he will say he just sent you the instructions for RMA on that support ticket, please follow instructions.
8. Pack up your RMA and send it.
9. Wait for a 3-5 business days to receive an update on your ticket that they received the RMA.
10. Another 3-5 business days to tell you that your product is faulty.
11. Another 3-5 business days to receive a reply from XFX representative to tell you that your product has been found faulty and it will be either repaired or replaced.
12. Wait 5-10 business days to receive your RMA back.
13. Do the math... Is it worth it?
XFX Gets 1 out of 5 stars in my book.

Mushkin -> The only reason I had to RMA my PC2-8500 MicronD9 is because I had some issues with nforce boards. I contacted them up and told them my story. Mushkin guys are amazing. I had 4 x 1GB PC2-8500 and asked them to replace it with PC2-8000 redlines (2 x 2GB). No problem at all. I send it in. They let me know that they received it and are testing it. I thought they were testing the ram they received. I was wrong. They were testing the redlines they were sending me! Next day the package is out fedex 2 day service.
Mushkin 5 starts out of 5!

WDC -> Slow and painful. RMA'd a raptor 74GB. took them 2 weeks to replace it. Use cheap UPS service that takes 5-7 business days. Very dissappointing! DO NOT recommend.
WDC gets 2 stars out of 5

Seagate -> Awesome guys. Very quick, polite and without any questions. Received,replaced,happy. Period. Sent in 500GB 7200.11 hdd. 1 week I have at myy doorsteps. Much better packaging then WDC does. Uses xpress shipping with UPS.
Seagate gets 5 out of 5.

Gigabyte -> RMA'd GA-X48-DQ6. Slow as hell guys. Just like ASUS they try to repair the board and they will do ANYTHING to do so. They have to replace a part that costs half of the board they will do that. Just not to replace the board. Gigabyte makes great boards but RMA sucks. Again took them 2 weeks to repair the board and 1 week to ship it. If your board works well I do NOT recommend RMA'ing it. You will lose tons of time!
Gigabyte gets 2 out of 5 on my list.

EDIT: I received my RMA today, the board is brand new. They replaced the board with a new one.

I booted up the board alright. It runes flawlessly! Even tho RMA procedure was rough. The board works like a charm!


NCIX-> The slowest and the worst RMA service of all. I sent a motherboard for a refund and they received it on the 24th of November (DFI 790FX RS). I still have not received the refund (Dec. 7th). I call them and they tell me: "Right now we do not have many people working in the warehouse so there will be a short delay on processing your rma...". Oh, wow! My board is in the stage of "testing" right now. The only time I will be ordering from NCIX ever again, as if there will be one hell of a deal on something!!! As for purchases newegg.ca
Newegg opened a canadian store and it's getting better and better every day. F@ck NCIX, go newegg!
NCIX gets 1.5 stars out of 5.
Final thoughts on NCIX: If you feel lucky order and hope you won't get a DOA. RMA? Forget about it. If you got time, think of RMA as a MIR. Takes 3 months to process but it finally gets there.

That is it for now. I will update this thread as I go through more RMAs. You judge what I wrote. Again, this is only my experiences. But I am sure there are others that suffered the same.

If you want to share with others or with me post here. Let's keep this thread alive.

Some guide lines to do RMA.

Make sure your board serial is registered under your name.
Prepair the board for RMA. And ship it xpress with tracking number. So you know when it exactly got there.
To fasten the RMA process call in every other day.
Ask them to keep you always updated by email.
Ask for a specific representative that has assigned you the RMA number (extension).
And again do not forget - you are the client. And the client is always right. No need to get all nice with them if they are acting like a bunch of a$$holes. Yell if needed to. If the agent can not help you out, call in a superviser.
Know your rights!



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Wow...thats a lot of RMA's....I have only returned one product, that being a Evga GTX260 (192) FTW version to Direct Canada as I wanted the GTX 280 SSC version. Brad n Corey were great as they accepted the return even though I had already removed and sent in the Bar Code for MIR...they took it back and refunded me the cost minus the MIR amount and the 15% Re-stocking Fee...Thanks again guys and yes, I recieveed the MIR in the mail awhile back :)
Nothing but good things to say about DC ...keep it up!!

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My only irk about NCIX is they don't include the free shipping or any shipping deals to where I live anymore but ok going to NF. Last time I checked, St. John's is further than Yellowknife from Vancouver.

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I build gaming computers at great prices ( Ofcourse buying computers off you guys @ HWC :) and do some computer parts reviews for myself and pushing it to the limits (Physical, logical, oc'ing and doing dumb stuff to "accidently" damage the boards) and then they go to RMA. Basically I do xtreme testing!


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I think this thread should be sticky. ;)


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Wow very useful post! Would also be interesting to see other people add to it with their experiences.

RE: BFG this will certainly make me think about buying/stepping with them with any future upgrades.
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my BFG RMA went good
Ship to them, wait a week and a bit and my video card (with a replaced fan- thats all it needed) got shipped (althought it was from Illinois w/ ups)
still good overclocker on stock (738mhz on core - i think thats good)
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Only one thing to declare here. I had to RMA 2 times a pair of Xtreem PC2-6400 RAM from NCIX.com and all went super fast and smooth. First time, i had ordered that RAM kit and it had died on me a few days after purchase... So i sent NCIX.com an e-mail and they answered me back shortly. Take note here that i am not a "Gold" member nor am i in any part of "privilege" customers at NCIX.com ... And i never take the extra insurance with express RMA service. Only take the full cover assurance when i place my orders.
Then they sent me another RAM kit which arrived in 1-2 days later. I never paid a single cent for shipping back to them if i remember right. So, when i received that new RAM kit, it was DOA. After some E-mailing with the guy at NCIX.com, we both discovered that there was a problem with that RMA kit batch which had bent heatspreaders. This problem wasn't appearing only in Canada... So, they offered me to change for a different kind of RAM kit... Which i accepted... I sent them back that DOA kit and 2 days later i received my new RAM kit... Which is the one i am still using ATM in my XETM rig. One thing i never knew is if they had really investigated and removed those RAM kits with bent heatspreaders from their in-stock. Oh well.

In my personal experience, NCIX.com get's a 5 on 5 fro the RMA experience. It's all about personal experience IMO.
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Yea that is a lot of rmas thanx for the info!!! especially XFX i have always heard they were quick but good to know.
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by anabioz View Post
I think this thread should be sticky. ;)
I don't really see the need for sticking it.

There is some great member input into RMAing from a Canadians stand point located here:

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
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