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sswilson December 9, 2006 08:44 PM

Case Pics
Can't have a Modding section without a general case pic thread :)

sswilson December 9, 2006 08:48 PM

Just a couple of quick pics of my case with a Thermaltake Bigwater 745 installed.

The single 120 rad is mounted inside top/front & the external 2 X 120 rad is hard mounted to the top.




Ok... that's it for my vanity shots.... :)

Edited wayyyy after the fact for posterity.... Came across an old hardware sig on the Sapphire forums that lists what I was running in this PC....

Lian-Li PC6083A Aluminium Mid Tower
OCZ 600W GameXstream PSU
DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
bios 704-2BTA
Athlon64 3700 San Diego @ 3050 HTT 305X10
Thermaltake Bigwater 745
2 X 1024 OCZ PC4000 3-3-2-7 (1t) @ 254 166 divider
Sapphire PCIe 1950 pro Third time's the charm
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Seagate 250gig 7200.10 SataII 16MB HDD
AOpen DUW1616 16X DVD **/-R, 4X Dual Layer
Samsung 931BF 19" LCD monitor

Gav December 9, 2006 11:07 PM

Nice Job! I love Lian-Li cases. They're a little expensive but if you like to mod or are in and out of your case alot you realize very quickly how easy the are to work with, especially the fully removable MB tray.

I really like the top mounted install as well.:cool:

sswilson December 10, 2006 09:51 AM


I really like the top mounted install as well.
I had originally planned to mount the 2X inside/top/front by removing the blowhole fan, but the single needed a 120mm fan mount for outside mounting and my lian-li only uses 80s so this is what I ended up with.

The performance of the 745 is pretty impressive, but the 2X external rad doesn't have quick disconnects (like the coolermaster nautilus 500) so moving it around without hard mounting to the case would be a pain in the butt.

The lian-li was the first case I've spent more than $60 bucks on and I have to say that like a scroll mouse, once you've used a decent case you'll never go back. :)

Corpus Masochist December 20, 2006 12:36 AM

I like! Oh and btw, very nice china on the shelf in the back ground.... hehe.

Misoprostol December 20, 2006 07:13 PM

I guess it's a little late, but you could have mounted the 120mm radiator to the back with a radbox. It's a little Swiftech jobbie that allows you to mount a 120 or dual 120mm radiator to an 80/92/120mm fan mount.

sswilson December 20, 2006 09:16 PM

Yeah I've similar setups since I threw this one together, but I doubt I would have waited for something like that to arrive in the mail after I discovered that the smaller rad wouldn't fit properly on the back.... :)

Next build will be a little more stealthy. :)

Now that I've got a kit WC under my belt I feel more confident about ordering individual parts to piece together so I'll probably do the proper research to make sure everything will fit together properly.

I was looking at an Antec Gamer 900 this afternoon and thinking that I could do away with the internal drive cages to do a front velcro install of a good 2X rad.

I'm thinking that the top 200mm fan would do a decent job of keeping airflow over the mobo, but I'm a bit concerned about the bottom mount of the PSU.

I know the PSU provides positive airflow to keep itself cool, but hot air does rise............

Anywise... just a thought. Spending my time looking at PSU's now in case (good chance) my 520 doesn't want to properly power the 1950 pro I'm getting for christmas.

cdn_Madrach February 10, 2007 11:02 AM

Just thought I'd show my first LC.http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n...ne30-06008.jpg


SHaCK February 12, 2007 09:06 AM

Looking good! The mirror really tricked me at first, I thought a second graphic card was just hanging out in the case :biggrin:

GJ sswilson too.

sswilson February 12, 2007 02:40 PM

Yeah, I had to look closely to figure out what was going on with the mirror as well.... couldn't figure out why there was a card mounted at a 45deg angle.... :)

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