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SKYMTL November 18, 2008 08:23 AM

Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs
Without a doubt, we all hate to get sticker shock when we agree to sell an item and then suddenly get shipping quotes that seem WAY out to lunch. Not only does this impact on your return on investment but it can also impact the buyer since you may be forced to use a lesser shipping method.

Luckily for you, there are some pretty helpful things you can do in order to save yourself and the buyer from headaches.

Canada Post Venture One

Even though everyone loves to hate Canada Post, they offer a number of ways that someone can save a good amount of money on their regular shipping rates for packages. One of these is their Venture One service.

This is a program which is used for small businesses which ship regularly with Canada Post. However, anyone can sign up and benefit from the discounts this program provides. I have found that the typical savings is about 8-10% while the price of Expedited Parcel Service becomes the same as Standard Service. This is great since Expedited allows your package to reach its destination in half the time as the regular parcel service. Remember, happy buyers means more sales for you.

A Venture One Account will also give you access to new online shipping options such as real-time tracking and email updates for your buyer.

An important thing to remember is that you get more of a discount for using the online shipping tools when you log into your Venture One account online. All you have to do is print up your shipping label online, attach it to your box and drop it off at a Canada Post counter. No waiting in line and no filling out forms at the post office.

eShipper Discounts

Not many people know about eShipper but those of us that use it, find it to be the best all-round service for shipping large and heavy items within Canada. You can head over to Redflagdeals to get a number of discounts to eShipper's already great prices.

To give you an example of some of the prices I have been quoted for a case which I sold with shipping to Vancouver from Montreal:

UPS Ground: $87.21
Fedex Ground: $94.33
Fedex with eShipper: $41.92

All in all, this is an account which will allow you to ship those heavy items without having to worry about disgustingly high shipping costs.

Always remember: if you can save yourself money and time you will not only become a better, more efficient seller but you will also make your buyer ALOT happier in the long run.

Hope this helps you all.


lemonlime November 18, 2008 09:09 AM

Great tips, thanks for sharing SKY! :thumb:

VentureOne is a great way to save on CP shipping! I used it for the first time on Monday.

Eldonko November 18, 2008 09:19 AM

Good tips, I have been using venture one for a few years now.

werth November 19, 2008 08:15 AM

Good tips SKY, thanks. I signed up for the venture one, pretty cool. I have a question though. I prepared a package, printed the label, and dropped it off. It was easy.

I put in 3kg, but they didnt even weigh it there? She just took the package.. do they verify this? Also, how do I get billed? I did not do credit card, I used "metered". Anyone know how this works? Thanks

SKYMTL November 19, 2008 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by werth (Post 114565)
I put in 3kg, but they didnt even weigh it there? She just took the package.. do they verify this? Also, how do I get billed? I did not do credit card, I used "metered". Anyone know how this works? Thanks

Basically, they weight it at the sortation plant for confirmation. I have never used their "metered" option and I have ALWAYS used a credit card.

werth November 19, 2008 10:33 AM

ok i will use CC from now on.. but what does metered mean lol? when do i pay?

Xilikon November 19, 2008 10:55 AM

Don't forget that even if you give a random weight, they will often use the bigger of the two weights : gross weight (what you get by weighting on the balance fully packaged) and volumetric weight (it's a weight computed from the package volume). Assuming you have a package measuring 18x12x6 weighting 3 Kg, the volumetric weight is often double or triple this. This is the reason it's wise to not get a package too big for nothing since you might be paying a lot for empty volume.

Dashock December 10, 2008 04:17 AM

Thanx skymtl one reason i have not put any of items on sale is most of the methods of shipping is way over 10 bucks. I have to try this Venture One account thanx bud.

jaszypoo December 10, 2008 04:41 PM

VentureOne is legit. I've used it several times for little items on ebay as well as RFD. But unfortunately, sometimes the paypal shipping is either equal or slightly cheaper than the VentureOne prices. So before shipping, check and compare.

Xilikon December 10, 2008 04:54 PM

Dashock, this is why people usually put a price excluding shipping and make the buyer pay it. It also help with bulk ordering (they are given a incentive to buy more items and pay a single cheaper shipping fee).

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