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Yeah many people missed it but one user at Gamespot noticed a flash and what he thought looked like a ballot box. So he used his time and video editing skills to go through the clip frame by frame and found many images in sequence that show some of the back story. Tricky and kind of cool we all thought, plus theres another flash about 2/3 in that shows a very dim transparent view looking through someones eyes that shows the interface somewhat like DX1 but upgraded with inventory panels, weapons, and augment hotkeys. Upon searching for more info that the clip hid within the flashing I found this youtube video that shows in detail what all the images mean.

YouTube - Deus Ex 3 Trailer - Flashing Image Analysis

Interesting stuff and once again the Bible story rears it's head again, seems to be an tried and true plot line used in many great stories where the protagonists supernatural origins born in turbulent times, battles persecution to leads mankind to salvation. We saw that parallel in DX1 and seems Eidos is going back to the feed trough once again.
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