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Originally Posted by tzetsin View Post
I would guess that it would have something to do with it being an HP computer/mobo. I'm actually surprised that your even able to OC anything on it.

my suggestion is to return the computer to stock speeds, recheck that your speeds are back to what you saw earlier, then OC the computer "just a touch" to see if it immidiatly drops the performace or if it changes, if it doesnt change right away, slowly oc it up untill you see if it goes up or down, i'm assuming that you cant control weather or not the ram gets OCed? if you can, only oc the cpu untill you know if its causing performance loss/gain, then the ram to check the same, then you'll know which of the two is causing the loss.
i am not OCing the system, i was only using a OCing program to use its benchmark. i was simply putting a faster CPU with a faster FSB with correct DDR3200 and it being slower then the stock 2.8ghz CPU and DDR2700 ram.

all i have to do to return it to stock specs is reinstall the stock CPU. which is what i did.

the stock CPU is a P4 2.8ghz non HT 533mhz FSB northwood, i tried to replace it with a P4 3.2ghz HT 800mhz FSB northwood (which the system is compatible of using).

what i am trying to figure out is how a faster CPU is showing like a 50% drop in performance when compared to the stock CPU.

the P4 2.8ghz non HT 533mhz FSB northwood with either the stock DDR2700 or the new DDR 3200 gets a score of 11.000 in 3dmark 03

in sandra the memory bandwidth is 3.5gb/s with either the stock DDR2700 or DDR3200 and latency of 140ms - 175ms, and using the memory tweaker programs benchmark i found the L1 caches bandwidth is 10gb/s - 14gb/s

the P4 3.2ghz HT 800mhz FSB northwood with the DDR3200 gets a score of only 7,000 in 3d mark 03

in Sandra the memory bandwidth is 1.5gb/s or 2gb/s (if i mess with the ram timings), wit a Ram Latency of 450 - 500ms and using the memory tweaker benchmark the L1 caches bandwidth is only 4 - 5gb/s

i am just wondering why if the mobo supports 800mhz FSB and DDR3200 in dual channel mode

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