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Default 9800gt or 4850?

hi all, long time no anywhoo.

I want to upgrade my video card, the x800XL in my non-gaming pc is about to seize it's fan and I can't find anything to replace it with (old 2 mount style).

I figured the x1950 in my gaming rig would do nicely, and then I can get something made this century.

I don't game much at all on my pc anymore, the lure of my 360/ps3 and a plasma with a comfy couch has finally pulled me away from the office chair when i get the urge to game.

Having said that I ordered the HIS iceQ4 4850, but saw the xfx9800gt with COD4 for a lot less, and the reviews aren't that far apart...

I am gaming on at 1280x1024, is the 4850 wasted on me? Or will it have longer "legs"?

just looking for opinions is all, thanks!
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