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Originally Posted by BALISTX View Post
Usenet is Newsgroups. You can access usenet if you have an e-mail program such as Outlook Express.
That's one way of doing it. But yes, usenet is essentially newsgroups. I've only been using usenet for perhaps a year or two. And I tell ya its way better than using bittorent IMHO.

You CAN use your ISPs news server to get "files" from the various newsgroups, but some ISPs hide the good news groups and/or a lot of files seem to be incomplete. There a lot of usenet services that are way better than the ISPs. Giganews is one of them. A very good usenet service I might add. Giganews offers for $24 a month 240 retention days (which means that the "files" stay on their server for 240 days from the day they were posted before being purged), SSL Encryption w/ 10 bonus connections and UNLIMITED bandwidth allowance.

Next you need a nice little program such as newsleecher to download the newsgroups files. There are a few nice usenet websites that just like bittorent, searches for a file you want.

With usenet, say there is a file that is aboot 700mb that you want. It takes only 15 minutes or less to download a 700mb using usenet. Well for me anyways, some people probably get faster speeds. Also there is no throttling on newsgroups from what I know. With bittorent it takes you more than 15 minutes to download a 700mb file and the possibility of it being baited by the ESA.

As CTA stated, bittorent is a lot easier to use and its free. You don't need to pay for a monthly service to download files with bittorent and as long as someone is seeding the file, you can get it. With newsgroups its best to pay for a usenet service like gignews rather than use your ISPs newserver. And with newsgroups, usually after 120 days (depending on which usenet service you have) the files are purged, but if you ask nicely in the newsgroups, someone will repost the files.

Personally paying $24 for a usenet service is worth it compared to using bittorent. Usenet is faster and safer. Takes me aboot 1hr to download 4gigs.
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