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Originally Posted by encorp View Post
I am going to need to get my GPU folding too, my RAC is nothing compared to everyone elses. Can you fold on both the GPU and CPU on the same system at the same time?

You can Fold with the CPU and the GPU in F@H.

If by your RAC you are talking about cruching with BOINC on the Rosetta project, then you can only use your CPU. There is no current GPU support for that project.

Your RAC will become higher, since the formula they use to compute the RAC is based on a 2 week half life exponential decay formula. This means the take all your crunching you've done for RAC calculatioon but consider at an higher rate the one you did in the last 2 weeks.

I know that Chalie3.0 is also folding with Q6600 so you could look at his RAC numbers for that computer as a guideline of what you should achieve as RAC if your o/c is the same.

To do so just click on is user tag in the team and then on the computer link here :
Computers belonging to 3.0charlie

His Q6600 is currently achieveing about 870 RAC. Buy reference, my E8400 is at 1100 but I have longer uninterupted crunching, so My RAC will be higher for a while.

Sold hardware again.....
Currently using WHS hardware....
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