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Question Gpu works in one board and not the other (r9 290x 4g)

I have two motherboards:

an intel dq67sw paired with an amd r9 270 and core i5 2500, all work fine together
an Z97S SLI Krait paired with an amd r9 290x and amd fx 8150, all work fine together

HOWEVER, when I try to put my r9 290x into my intel dq67sw motherboard, it does not work.
It will not post and I get a very broad video error beep code that simply states I should reseat my GPU

Things I have tried ...

making sure the card is in all the way (even took the bracket off)
testing other motherboards
updating bios
default bios settings
googling it
updating bios on r9 290x
changing to from legacy to EUFI

none of this has worked so far..
any ideas?

r9 290x (confirmed working) will not post/work in intel dq67sw motherboard but will post and work in a different motherboard,
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