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Awesome, so many replies. Thanks guys. I have to go through the posts. I will just mention one thing, when I was considering which phone, part of the reason that I leaned towards the Samsung is that I am familiar with Android and even though I don't connect to my computer very often, I thought I might have some trouble using the iPhone with my OS - Ubuntu. It was generally stated that it's easier with Android. I also think that stock Android is a more preferable experience so I was trying to get a Pixel 3 but it required much more money up front. I think an iPhone 8 Plus was preferable to the 8 but I fear it might be the same situation. I am not sure I can even exchange the phone now, btw, which I also fear. But, if I decided I want the iPhone 8, I will/would try. This is through Fido at Best Buy. Has anyone ever got their phone there? Koodo supposedly has a good deal or did. But, when I got the phone, the 'good' deal was based on 'customer loyalty' promotion.
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