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Originally Posted by JD View Post
That is with it repasted... I did it like 2 weeks after I got it last year.

I can't recall if the CPU had an IHS on it or not though. But still, the desktop 7700k had similar issues with hot cores.
You repasted and still have 20c differences between the cores and think it's okay? Hmmm.

I've read around the place a lot, a while some sites were talking about spikes (around May) most of them weren't as severe at 20c+.

It's still a constant struggle with Dell. I've asked and asked to be allowed to remount the heatsink but they give me BS every damn time.

Call me paranoid, but a 1 or 2 core spike of 95c or more - plus the throttling that flashes on and off before the fans can react - can't be normal. Intel... Trash. Maybe I should've waited for a high-end Ryzen gaming laptop.... Ugh.

Do we really have no one from Dell on this forum anywhere? I'm tired of being treated like garbage by morons thousands of miles away who only know how to read off of a troubleshooting script.
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